Endless Questions

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Because I
was alone
in a dark
wood I was
left to be
dead by the
friends whom I
thought could be
upon but
they left me
here and I
wonder if
has meaning
if I can
the life I
live, should I
be alive
at all and
can I love
will I be
saved by thee
will you come
to help me
out of here
please, my dear
come to me
come and see
what is left
of poor me
do you love
me at all
(Yes I Do)
Will you save
me some day
(Yes I Will)
Can you see
where I am
(Yes I can)
Do we have
a future
(Yes We Do)
How can you
know such things
(I Just Do)
Can I trust
this is true
(I Love You)
I love you too.

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This poem is what goes on in my head like now where I've come to a better acceptance of being gay the replies: yes I will,Yes I do is like some of the positive reinforcement I give myself when able and not despairing and it's what I need to hear right now eventhough it was posted awhile agoThank you for posting! We all need some lovin' so why do we hate.Don't worry be happy, Hope things are well, Joey.

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Well Said

The utter loneliness associated with questioning one's identity is alive and well within your poem. Sometimes, I believe I should have been a hollywood actor because I always felt like I was playing the part of a hetero, especially around straight friends. Keep the words coming! I find solace in writing poems especially when i'm angry with someone or something, the words just flow.
Keep your head high my friend!