film making 1 final assignment

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for my film class, our final project is a film inspired by memories

(shots are taken in pitch black rooms, lit only by a flashlight held above the camera)
(black screen)
1: have you ever eaten a peach?
(shot of a man biting into young-looking flesh)
2: no.
(black screen)
2: never. no, I really don't think so.
(a hand holding a peach)
(black screen)
1: do you have brothers or sisters?
(close up of a man's navel)
2: a twin.
1: is he like you?
(black screen)
2: what do you mean?
(the camera explores a man's body : his arms, his chest, his legs, and settles finally on the navel)
(black screen)
1: the youth, i understand. but why so many when you can have all of one?
(sheets moving with people hidden underneath.)
(black screen)
2: actually, i think i may have had peaches, they were the kind that were diced with that kind of syrup in it, like a fruit salad. it was okay. i don't know why you like them so much. either way, i don't like fruits very much.
(mouth biting into a peach)
(black screen)
(text : they make me sick, you make me sicker)
(black screen)
(shot of a man biting into young flesh)
2 : i suppose... every one of them brings something different and that makes it a whole. but i know you're the only one that loves me.
(black screen)

people who have been here for a while will guess what this is about...
yay now i just have to do a storyboard
and start my 850 word essay about women in macbeth that is due in 10 hours :p
xo xo teen mermaid princess

UPDATE: should i say FUCK THIS to my Macbeth essay? I think so.