Fresh Air

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I went outside. It was very bright and very hot, so I had an umbrella. S and I took a stroll down the street to the park where we sat and talked for three hours about the nature of The Count of Monte Cristo and its eponymous character.
I felt good, although there was a group of teenagers staring at me the last half hour. They noticed my fear of loud noises and eventually started shouting and screaming and laughing at me until I left. S stayed behind for twenty-six minutes, lecturing the teens.

I feel significantly better having left the house, despite the teenagers, and I may do that again sometime.


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S sounds like a good friend.

S sounds like a good friend.

Leaving the house is hard (for me too) but you feel pretty good for a while after you leave it. XD

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That's good.

I'm glad you took a stroll and observed the strange behaviors of the locals. Try to educate them as you will, but their learing process is signifcantly different from yours and mine. lol!

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My goal in life is to plant and grow an umbrella. It wil be in a fresh and sunny garden, and I will water the seed until a small tip breaks through the soil. It will be black, and look like the closed end of one of those little umbrellas that are put in drinks. Eventually the entire thing will have emerged, and it will gradually grow taller and larger, until it is a closed black umbrella that reaches about to my thigh. In the sunlight, it shall open like a flower bud and I will have my small umbrella plant.

I have got to have something wrong with me... why does this seem like the most perfect fantasy ever?