Gay Teen Boys hub

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I felt that it would be nice for us teen boys to just hang out, share crushes, books, movies, relax, and just be with people of our own kind.

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Welcome Boys

Hey, I am Shawn, I am thirteen years old, of course, gay, and yea....that's it.:P

-Some say to survive life, you must be Mad as a Hatter, fortunately, I am

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welcome little buddy!

-ALL the best people are mad

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HellsXDarkXPrince welcome to Oasis Journals!

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lad to have you here :)

does you like ferrets?

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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welcome friend hope you have a nice time here.

(beauty is in the eye of the beholder)

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Sounds like a good idea. Hope we can help each other out when needed.

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You're picture looks more lesbian than gay.


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Where's the grammarian?

tut tut :)

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Need a bigger picture

The picture is too small to see the details.

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What is it?

Are those male or female? It definitely looks like female.

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He seemed to be saying that they're male, so... a couple of bishie bat-winged guys wearing really big socks and not much else, lashed together, on a chair? Um?

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Definitely Males

Wish I could send you a larger picture. Those are definitely two devilish males enjoying some time together. How is the rest of life treating you?

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The full version is nowhere. I searched for a larger version on Google when I was unsure if the gender. Where did you get it, though, if not from the Internet?
The rest of life is treating me well. I just noticed today that I'm being bullied (when some people pulled my backpack until I fell down, unfortunately not the first of less severe incidents), though I can't think of a reason anybody would bully me.

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One of many I use to have

I found the two devils at pixiestick when it use to have a web page for yaoi manga, anime, and drawings. The web page is not part of the site anymore since I last checked. Wish I had not deleted the picture with the other picture I found on the site.

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If you have it on your computer,

you can upload it on a web site like Imageshack and post a link.
Also, what is Pixiestick? Google search is failing again.

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I turned SafeSearch off and found a larger version:

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Thank you

I have been wondering how to find the picture again. The web site was, but the web designer changed it to It is not the same as it use to be.

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After some investigation, I found out that it's fanart based on an anime called Hikaru no Go. Here are some pictures of the characters:

Enjoy looking up more fanart. ;D

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So what's the deal?

You dealing with people who bully you about your academics or other issues?

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Bullying about academics? Wat?

Does that exist? Anyway, that isn't the case. I don't know what it is. I don't know them or anything. I don't think they know anything about me. Why they would pick me to bully out of a huge crowd of people is an enigma.

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Do they consider you a nerd?

That is what I meant.

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I don't think that's it.

Actually, I've heard of people bullying gays and there are (true) rumors that I am gay, but, though that is the most likely motive I can think of, I think this predates the rumors.

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You ok while the word goes

You ok while the word goes around. The word spread around among my teammates in high school that I was gay. I was not bullied due to the impression I would beat people in a fight, but it was a interesting experience. Do not know if anyone cared when I told those who asked yes.

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Okay, I know I'm going crazy with pictures, but:

What's weird is the first two were made by somebody with the same initials as me.

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So many names in this world

There is no reason to think it is crazy. Some pictures are so better than words.

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Do you know the name...

...of that game they're playing?

Its rules are probably the simplest of any board game... but winning demands a very disciplined mind!

I don't know what is now required of Japanese naval officers... but prior to WW2 all officers were required to dedicate a full year to mastering the game. The purpose was to hone strategic analysis!

In the event you may be interested: The name is GO.

It's available (all price ranges) in all high-end game stores.

Try it!

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Can you all calm down?

you're answering a post made by a guy who never came on here other than that one time. Look at the date on the original post. "Stop kicking the dead horse, 'cause it's not getting any deader".

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Is this a comment to my post? If so, I fail to see your point.

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I know.

That's where the name comes from. Apparently, the guy with contrasting hair colors is a tournament Go player.

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What name...

...are you referencing?

If it's to GO, I do not see it associated with the pics.

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Hikaru no Go.

The one I mentioned is called Hikaru.
The third picture didn't upload right:
Hikaru No Go

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Got it!

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This is stupid as fucking

This is stupid as fucking hell... and believe me... hell would be a stupid thing to try and fuck...

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How is your start to 2012? I

How is your start to 2012? I have read some of your posts in different discussion and I am curious how the rest of your life is going. If you would like to write back without worry of sunshine from every corner, darkness is a place I call home.

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I sent you a PM... we can

I sent you a PM... we can talk about it thier if you want...