Getting the courage

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I got up the courage to tell my doctor that I needed a med change because I couldn't tolerate how bad my depression was getting. I was so afraid I would offend her so I was going to be passive and not say anything about it but I decided that it would only hurt me if I did that. Anyway we changed my dosage and today's my first day on this dose so hopefully it helps.

Was going to add more to this journal but I'm pretty upset at the moment so I'm ending it here .


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Good luck with your

Good luck with your medication. I hope you overcome your depression.

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Thanks. I hate to be a

Thanks. I hate to be a pessimist but I can't imagine myself free of depression. It's been 3.5 years. I'm afraid I'll have it for a while

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I just want to say-

For long-term depression, medication isn't going to cut it. Your brain's going to get used to every single medication you try, and you'll have no options but to get off of it. By then, your brain will have been so used to the steady stream of whichever you were fixing (norepinephrine, serotonin, etc.) that you're going to feel worse.

So you might want to try finding a long-term replacement to help yourself. I read a whole book on this subject :P Try changing up your diet- It certainly helps. Also maybe get active in sports, excersize is a good way to help, too.

Sorry, not trying to sound rude. But make your body as happy as you can before you jump on meds, alright?


Oh, and I don't just mean eating healthy, either- But specifically trying to plan your diet around healthy foods that make you feel good. And maybe learning to cook :) Cooking is really calming and the aromas can make your brain feel good.

(But if you want help, foods that I find make me feel good are onions, basil, tomatoes, rice, cilantro, and beef. So a lot of typical Italian dishes make me feel really happy :3). There really is no miracle "take this and cure depression" pill, it's mostly a thing you have to work towards yourself. Learning to think, eat, and make yourself feel good are all a way to get there. If your only hope to get better is by taking a magic pill, you'll never escape :P
Sorry if I'm being overzealous- But I know what it's like to be in your position. It sucks.
Amazingly offensive <3

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Ooh, yeah, good luck!

And I'm proud of you for having that courage. Keep fighting.

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hey! you're back (or, i'm

hey! you're back (or, i'm back - i haven't been on here in forever!)
& about the doctor thing: never be afraid to tell your doctor if your medications aren't working. they won't get offended; they'll learn what the best medication or treatment is for you.
i agree with Draco on the diet and exercize thing. i definitely started to feel better after taking time to be active every day. are you still doing softball? :) i know the season's starting, at least for my friends.
& i know you probably feel like the depression is something that's just going to stay with you - but i don't think it will. once you find the right meds, diet & exersize combination you'll get through it. i promise :)

as always - i'm here if you need to talk. if you want my email or anything, PM me :)