Hello. I'm back. An Explanation!

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I was on holiday without Internet access, in Florida. We left Saturday morning and Friday night I attempted to journal it, but Clueless and I pulled an allnighter Thursday night to do a mega-homework-History project. So I fell asleep mid-journal and the DSi ran out of charge. I woke up the next morning and WHADDAYAKNOW IT'S TIME TO GO YAAAAH FLYBY HURRY UP WE CAN'T MISS THE PLANE shpwoo...
I was going to journal last night, but I was busy with something more important: Coming out to my mother.
Which was not planned at all. But was bound to happen soon; I've got 'closet fever' or something of the sort. So... it went pretty well. My mom had thought of a queer-Flyby possibility but not very seriously, and thought that I may be unaware of it (HA!) but was fine, yadda yadda yadda. But... we were both awake until 2 AM, which left no time for journaling.
I suppose I should be really happy I did it, but I actually just feel really awkward around my mom now. Neither of us mentioned it at all today, so… Idaknow. It feels like now I'm transparent. Like the walls of a closet were the only thing hiding my innermost thoughts and feelings from my mother. It's weird.
I'm not sure how I feel about this.

On a side note, it's somewhat entertaining to watch Glee with a crazy grandmother. 'This show is unrealistic! It's full of those people! Transvestites!'
Upon closer inspection it turns out that my grandmother has no idea what a transvestite actually is.
So that was… interesting.
Aaaand today I got to see Bday { a 'YAY' of patheticness} again.
I missed Oasis over break more than I missed my cat, 'friends', and other family members put together. (In other words OHMYGODIMISSEDYOUGUYSSOMUCHAHI'MSOGLADTOBEBACK!) I'm unsure of whether that's pathetic or not.
So... uhhh... How are you doing?
(And as soon as I find my notebook… have I got a lot of Random Phrases!)


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It's good to have you back. Very good. We've missed you terribly.

Congratulations on coming out! It sounds like it went really well - but I know that awkward transparency feeling, too. I got used to it, after a while, and built up a few minor secrets, too, just to regain that feeling of security that comes from knowing that no one knows everything.

So here's just a general 'Yay' for everything: Yaaaaaayyy!

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:D YAY! Congrats on the


Congrats on the coming out!!!
Woah, gaj expected it? Wait, does gaj call you Flyby? If so, that's amazingly awesome.

I'm ... meh. I've missed the smiley armies a bunch and I was just about to write some sort of journal about this 'cause I've been in a really bad mood funk lately :(

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Wow. Two comments in eighteen minutes!

That is a new record for me!
(Shhh, don't tell everybody else, but I missed you two the most ;) )
Thank you for the 'Yay's!
And MacAvity- the minor-secrets thing sounds like a good idea. Now I just need to come up with some secrets... the existence of Oasis is pretty good in itself. Oh, and if anyone who actually knows me ever asks somehow, you two are both random people I met at summer camp a year ago, okay?
The smiley army shall soon arrive at your journal, Eli. But I need to shower first, before Bellatrix Lestrange vomits into it.
My mom didn't 'really' expect it so much as gaj was prepared for the possibility. DirectQuote: 'I thought it might be... I mean, especially with your whole gender-equality, segregated restrooms thing. But it wasn't really even a suspicion. I mean, I thought the same thing about your brother, and he's in fifth grade.'
So... uhhh... yeah.
No, gaj doesn't call me Flyby. But that would be awesome...

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I was

just starting to wonder where you were!
I got back from my ski vacation, and I realized that you hadn't like posted at all while I was back, and I, like, wondered what was goin down.

I know I don't know you that well, but you are, seriously, one of my favorites from what I've seen on Oasis, and it seemed unlikely to me that you had suddenly quit Oasis while I was gone.

So, welcome back!
And, congrats on the coming out!
I still have a hard time talking to my dad about it, and I only came out to him like when I was forced to (over this site).

No one escapes from life alive

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WOOOHO you came out!

Sorry this is late but i totally get what you mean by the coming out awkwardness. I personally feel the same feeling with coming out to.