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I LOVE horror movies. Whenever I'm bored, there's nothing I like better than watching a riveting psychological gorefest. For those of you who enjoy a good cinematic scare, what is the best/scariest horror movie you've ever seen? What's the crappiest horror movie you've ever seen?

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I was hoping there would be

I was hoping there would be more activity on this thread...

Anyway, I re-watched Halloween the other day and I really enjoyed it. Jamie Lee Curtis is so smart and capable as Laurie, and actually does some pretty good acting.

I really liked the Crazies also. Not usually into zombies, but I enjoyed it and was on edge the whole time. I kept trying to wake my boyfriend up so I wouldn't be alone!

I always thought Pennywise from It was very scary, though the movie was a bit subpar. The book was really intense though, I was sort of in a strange mood the entire time I was reading it, which at even a reasonably fast pace would take a week!

The crappiest horror movie I have seen is... I actually can't think of anything right now. I guess Troll 2 was pretty bad, but because of that, it was kind of enjoyable.

I'm sort of more into slashers but am looking to expand. Unfortunately, my boyfriend always falls asleep and I'm a bit chicken.

What about you?

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I'm ashamed to admit this,

I'm ashamed to admit this, but I've never actually seen the original Halloween movie. Pretty sad, right? I've never gotten the chance to.

The Crazies was okay, I guess. It definitely had its moments of awesomeness. I just expected more from it.

Troll 2 is one of those movies that is so bad, it's good. It's almost like they were trying to make the movie so crappy that people would want to watch it just to make fun of it.

Slashers are decent. I think that a lot of them are mindless though. I like my horror movies to be smart, and to really make you think.

Hmmm...My favorite horror movie is a three-way tie:
1) The Hills Have Eyes (definitely not for the kiddies)
2) Silent Hill (lots of critics said it sucked, but they lied)
3) Ginger Snaps (a movie from Canada--yay Canadians!)

There are other really great ones I could mention, but there's too many to list.

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I LOVE horror movies, and I watch tons and TONS of them all the time, cheap indie ones, and most of them suck, but sometimes I strike gold.
I've heard the original Halloween is really good, but I haven't seen it, I'll find it and weigh in. As for the scariest movie I've ever seen, undoubtedly the Exorcist, although maybe because I watched it alone in the house with absolutely no lights on.
WAY scarier than anything I've ever seen.

As for good ones, I liked Creep, and House on Haunted Hill didn't do as well critically, but I thought it was good. I thought The Hills Have Eyes was also a good one, although that was some krazee shit.
Also, Baby's Room was a good one, although it's only in Spanish, and so you need subtitles, it's not big enough to be dubbed.
I heard The Ring was good, but I only saw the 2nd one and that was one of the worst I've seen. I didn't really like it. The original might have been good, I dunno, I didn't see it.

The worst ever horror movie I've seen? That's probably a tie between an indie one called The Morgue, TERRIBLETERRIBLE CRAP, and also the major one Devil, I hated that one too. I mean, it's okay if horror movies suck in things like plot quality as long as they're scary or weird, like The Human Centipede, terrible acting and the plot was boring and unrealistic, but it didn't hold back in the horrifying premise, which is what made it worth watching.
Devil was actually like WORSE than the Human Centipede in movie and plot quality, and wasn't scary at all. Not in the slightest. Ever.
Terrible acting, a total waste of 80 minutes.

There's my 2 cents.

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I can't stand horror movies

I can't stand horror movies because they trigger me too much, but here's a list of stuff you should check out:
--Psycho (black-and-white original version)
--The Sixth Sense
--Videodrome (f'ing scary as hell)
--Run Lola Run
I've seen all those movies.

The ones I haven't (below) are ones I've heard are great:
--Hard Candy (psychological thriller)
--Silence of the Lambs

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To swimmerguy

I've never seen Creep, or House on Haunted Hill, or Baby's Room. I'll have to watch those some time.

I've never understood what made The Exorcist so legendary. I mean, it's a decent movie, but it's not as awesome as everybody says it is. I don't know. Maybe I just don't know a good horror movie when I see it.

Aww, I wanted to watch The Human Centipede. I was hoping it would be freaking awesome. Darn.

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and the Human Centipede is good.
I mean, in a cinematic sense, like in movie and plot and acting quality, I can't imagine anything as bad except maybe Devil or The Morgue.

But that's okay, because if one exists, that is definitely a movie that needs absolutely no quality in it, the only reason you watch it is for the idea, of the Human Centipede, and that they execute without mercy or censorship, which is what makes it, okay, not a GOOD movie, but if you're into creepy shit, that movie is definitely worth paying to see if you have to.
Oh, and watch it with friends.

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Once upon a time I watched the mere trailer for the Human Centipede. Creepy, stomach-churning stuff. Ugh. It doesn't seem like a particularly frightening movie, but the concept is enough to put me off.

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To centerfielder08

I haven't seen Psycho, but I'll definitely watch it. I've seen The Sixth Sense though. It was the first horror movie I ever watched. Great acting. Unfortunately it's the only good movie M Night Shyamalan ever made.
Run Lola Run was pretty good too. We watched it in German class.

I've seen both Hard Candy and Silence of the Lambs. Both are brilliant.

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When I watched the Exorcist a 2nd time, I wasn't nearly as scared. But, I think it's mostly because the house was lighted and I was watching it with my parents.
So maybe it was just how I watched it...

Yeah, I liked the Sixth Sense, I really didn't expect that twist at the end, but it didn't really scare me too much.

Run Lola Run, we're watching it in German too, towards the end of this school year. So I'll weigh in on that then.

Silence of the Lambs, if you've read the book, it's actually nothing remarkable, although the movie is excellent. It didn't exactly scare me too much, but it was one freaky movie and I was definitely creeped out by that one scene in Buffalo Bill's basement where there's like the dead thing rotting in the tub, just before the lights go out.

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Its so annoying as i love

Its so annoying as i love horror movies, but nearly all the time i get freaked out the next few nights after them. I was in a book shop in the weekend and i saw this book on The Exorcist so as intrigued i looked through it and it had a photo timeline of what kinda happened. I stupidly then got freaked out over her face and then that night could not sleep good. But i did find it funny how they totally went for it for the impact they made against the churches rules, such as there was a pic of a statue of i think of the holly mary with red over the top devil boobs and a tail and rings on her head i think?

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I've seen so many my brain

I've seen so many my brain hurts thinking of them, but i do have to say The Hills Have Eyes was so fuked up but i admit good, this other called The Uninvited was really good (but its more phychological thriller/horror, it was an american remake of a japanese movie), Oh! and i've got to say i love the original Halloween, still need to see the remake

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I had like an obsession with Japanese horror movies when i was about 10 (don't know why) so The Ring the American version has always been a favourite of mine.

Cant tell you how many times i have seen the scream franchise, i love how its a slasher but kinda teen cool at the same time. cant wait for scream 4 to come out soon just hope that it is as good as the rest

A scary film that i found creepy was even though i have only seen the start of it is REC which is the spanish original to the American remake which by the trailer is freaky.

The weirdest film i have seen is funny games with naomi watts (she is so good at horrors) which is a yet again a remake from an late 90s german film which is basically these two young boys tease and torment this family in very odd and psychotic ways. Never less very good movie

Also i actually thought paranormal activity was a brilliant film. It was for the first time something "original" and not just another copy or sequel, which the horror industry seems to always attract.

yeah i don't have a clue why everybody keeps coming up with the theme of exorcism. I mean the great thing about the exorcist was that it made an IMPACT and SHOCKED audiences. But now if i look at that new film like the rite it just boring because it feels just like tried a repeat.

The strangers original was a Romanian film called them. I watched about a 2 months ago and i was really excited as i watched only the very start like ages ago and due to my dad barging in and ordering me to bed :(. So i watched it and i was SOOO disappointed. It was not scary at all even though there was plenty of bits to make me jump and hide under my cushion, i was completely still.

oooo and also look at the trailer for the original black christmas in the 70s i remember watching the trailer when i was 12 and getting completely freaked out

and wow this is long ha

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To Quietwarrior

REC was amazing, and slightly better than Quarantine. Funny Games was just random and not so great. I wasn't too impressed with it. Paranormal Activity was original, I will give it that. But it bored me. The second one is even more boring than the first. And The Strangers was okay. The masked assailants were pretty cool, but the suspense drags on for too long. I eventually get bored every time I watch it. But it has its moments.

Also, you guys should check out The Devil's Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses. And Rosemary's Baby, and Pan's Labyrinth, and Martyrs. All are amazing.

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What's the difference between REC and Quarantine? I've only seen REC, which I loved, but from the commercials it looks like Quarantine is like exactly the same, or at least very very similar...

Paranormal Activity, I've never seen either, and they were rated like the scariest movie of the year or something, or at least PA 2 was, but from what I've seen I don't think it'd scare me too much. It looked too much like some jump out movie...

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REC is the original of the

REC is the original of the two, and it's Spanish. While it is true that both are very similar, there are some scenes in REC that Quarentine left out, and vice versa. Quarentine also added scenes that weren't in REC. I will say that Quarentine is very good, but REC is better. The ending scene in REC FREAKED ME OUT. And I never get freaked out when watching horror movies. So yeah, REC is the better of the two.

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Overalll, I wasn't too into

Overalll, I wasn't too into Paranormal activity, but there is one scene that runs through my mind every now and then when I am in bed and I have to turn on the bedroom lights or switch places with my boyfriend, so I can fall asleep. The scene where she is standing over him, watching him sleep...

Black Christmas was weird, the 80s-ness of it adds an element of creep to it.

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haha i thought that was

haha i thought that was funny because it rewind that scene and that she was hovering over him, her boobs kept shaking.

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Has anybody ever seen My

Has anybody ever seen My Soul To Take? Oh my god, that movie sucked! And it was written by Wes Craven. His movies usually kick ass. Shame on you, Wes Craven, for making such a disgraceful peace of crap.

The Haunting of Molly Hartley was also god awful. I couldn't even follow the plot. And it was uber boring.

The Friday the 13th remake is probably the worst horror movie I've ever seen. It's all sex and no scary. The Nightmare on Elm Street remake is also atrocious. Remakes are usually horrible.