hurt :'(

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he hurt me real bad that one tym and i dont think i can ever forgive him and let him bak into my life...
everything was great, all the shit we went through together worth it, all the things i gave up for him and all the times i knew wat i was doing wud get me hurt, bt i stuck wit him.. WHY he gotta do me lik that...
all this tym i was spilling my guts out to the other... the other who encouraged me and told me to let go and let him b apart of my life. the other who wen i wasnt looking took him away from me! ugh! the texting i ignored the messaging and phone calls between the two i didnt ask bout, why cuz i trusted the other and i thought he loved me more..
shit hit the roof wen all of a sudden the other is telling me he's response and why he wont talk to me anymore... all of sudden he cant call me...
fuck the both u's.
amma forgiving, bt both yall aint going to b in my life no more... watever.
I"M FREE now :)


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I am confused, but I am glad

I am confused, but I am glad that you are free. Free from what?

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thanks lol i know after i

thanks lol i know after i read it was confused too lol bt i was super glad i got that off my chest :)