If you were of the opposite sex....

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Do you think you would be straight?

I ask because sometimes I feel like even if I were female, I'd be an FTM transsexual.

If you are gay and suddenly became a woman, besides being panicked, would you be straight?

And the same for lesbians?

Transpeople as well...


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My gender doesn't really have an opposite...
If I were of the opposite sex... I'd be straighter than I am now, but still not really straight.

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If I woke up suddenly and

If I woke up suddenly and was a boy....oh sweet jesus lord. Id have more game than you can even imagine. Id chase the ladies like it was going out of style. Id also love my girl still. Idk if she would be down. :\

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if i were a guy, i'd be

if i were a guy, i'd be straight, cisgendered, maybe a little queer, but probably not.

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I was actually just thinking about this, like, yesterday.

I would probably consider myself cisgendered, but... I do think I'd be an at least mostly gay guy. I have pretty much no idea why, but it's true.
Flyby, girl-body- mostly gay.
Flyby, guy-body- mostly gay.

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If I were a guy, I'd be

If I were a guy, I'd be straight, a total metrosexual... so a dude with some girly habits, but into women for sure.

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if I were female I would probably still like men. :)

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i would still like girls

i would still like girls :D
and it would make getting a girl a hell of a lot easier. :P

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I would be the girliest

I would be the girliest straight guy ever. Haha. I even know a guy who is exactly how I'd be if I were male.

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Guess I'm the oddball here :P

No, seriously, I would be a slightly effeminate mostly gay guy.

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Huh. Now that I think about

Huh. Now that I think about it again, I (surprise!) really agree with Flyby. I mean, sometimes I will find a guy kind of attractive, and then I'll deny or push down or explain away that feeling, but I recognise that I'd be much more okay with those moments if I had a male body.

But what I said before stands, too - I'd be straighter than I am now because I'd be more (maybe entirely) cisgendered, and still mostly asexual. So, no more gay than I am now, and definitely less genderqueer, so, straighter but still not straight.

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I don't really see sexes as "opposite"...

But I feel like if I were born with a Y and a penis and all that jazz, I'd be cis. I feel like I'd also be relatively boring. I dunno. I like who I am right now and I wouldn't have gotten here if I wasn't trans. I'd probably still be panromantic (I'm more attracted to more androgynous or masculine people though, so maybe that would change? I don't know.), but I think I'd be more demisexual than grey-asexual... I feel like I'm closer to being asexual than demisexual now, but I'm pretty sure that difference is a result of things like body issues and bad experiences.

I think I'd be more emotionally stable than I am. A lot more "normal". I'd probably have an easier time expressing my needs...

But I think I'd be a lot less mature if I were cis. I'd be less concerned with the rights of the oppressed and with politics. I think I'd be more care free and reckless and afraid to express myself. More impatient. Less understanding.