I'm in Love

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I'm in love with Dan Savage...he's the coolest person EVER. I love him. I love him. I love him. I love him.

Anywayyyyy....I had a scary thing happen today that I'll report to campus police tomorrow. Some person tried to pick me up in their car. It was fucking scary shit. And so then I got the courage to call my therapist because I was terribly shaken up after the event. She didn't pick up so later I texted her asking if she could text with me or call and so we texted for a bit. Then she called me but hung up (I think it was to make me embrace my phone anxiety fear). So I called her back and we talked on the phone for a while and it was great.

I'm still somewhat shaken up about it, to be honest with you.

Sigh. Never a dull moment, eh?

On a bright side...my really good friend came out to me as pansexual. I was happy. Because she said 'oh, there were only two non gay people' and I said "what about you" (thinking she's straight) and then she said "no, i'm pan". I wanted to be like...dude, i LOVE YOU.


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OhmySOMETHINGOROTHER, that's so creepy!

The car guy, I mean... (Oh, just so you know, 'guy' is gender-neutral in my world. It can also be used for inanimate objects in my family. Today my mom referred to a donut as a guy.)
I saw the title and was like ? Teehee.
Awww, that's nice about your pan friend! I wish somebody would come out to me :P I'd feel all special and honored. Yays!

It feels so gooooood to comment on a journal!

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I've had something sorta

I've had something sorta like that happen before, I was like, 12 or something, and I went outside to get some air, and I was crying because I was upset, but that's why I was outside to get some air.

And this guy I've never met before followed me around in his car, and he started to slow down so I walked in the other direction. And then I saw the car again, so I turned 'round again... And then again.

And then at some point I stopped to write and he (the creepy dude) stopped and came up to me and asked me if I wanted a ride home... And I told him "no". And then my dad drove up and I got in the car with my dad.

It was weird.

My sister has had random people try to get her in the car with them too once or twice I think... Which is really scary. I think in my case above it was just a mislead neighbor trying to be helpful, but with my sister it was just some random person randomly. X_X

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There were some guys that

There were some guys that followed my friend and I while we were walking. They went away eventually though. They wanted our numbers and they were in their mid 20's. Creepy.