I'm Sorry for saying this

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Trigger Warning: depression, suicide, safety plan

I sort of want to give up.

I have to fill out a safety plan sheet for my therapist which I'm fine with. But I don't know what to fill out for the first question where it says "Reasons to Stay Alive"...really, I mean I know not to end my life, but reasons to stay alive? I have none that come to mind.


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Because you sure as hell are

Because you sure as hell are convinced that this shitty phase is NOT the best life has to offer. Right right?

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that's true. And Oasis.

that's true. And Oasis. You guys are one reason I stay alive. No doubt there.

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Let me help you out here.

1.) No dying.
2.) To see how life ends. Pretend it's a story and you have to keep reading.
3.) It gets better.
4.) Ice cream. Motherfuckin' no ice cream after death, I promise you.
5.) Suicide = you being a pussy cause life is too hardcore for you. YOU GOTTA TAKE LIFE BY IT'S BALLS, MAN.
Amazingly offensive <3

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:). *hugs*, thanks .

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A good reason to stay

A good reason to stay alive:
There are people who care about you. Just imagine what giving up would do to them.
Another good reason:
You have your entire life ahead of you. So many possibilties and opportunities. You can't even imagine what your future has in store for you.

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What about all of the movies

What about all of the movies you'd never get to see? All of the places. The lives of the people you'd never meet. You are a part of this world and you effect the life of every person you meet. You may not see it but you change people. Everyone does. There are people in the world that are better than they would've been because of you. :]

Not to mention I'd be devastated if anything happened to you. I care about you, and I know I'm not the only person that does.

You're so young, you have so much ahead of you, so many things you can create, discover, learn, and experience. So many firsts you haven't had and I know I sound like a cheeseball right now but I'm serious.

And think of the progress you've already made. You have made -so- much progress since I met you, and as I've said before I'm really proud of you. You really do have many things to live for. It can be difficult to see sometimes but you do. Even the small things like, a bowl of ice cream are important.