Insanity is a state of mind that can never go away

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I walk, I talk, I mature, I see blood

What is madness but the minds way of understanding with that which needs understanding but to which no medium of similar context can be found with witch to identify so that a stable mind can then understand but when that mind can not find that medium to which something bears resemblance that mind then becomes unstable creating that which is labeled madness.

illogical fear
fantasy carried to a point that blocks out what is know as reality

We all are mad at some point in our lives. Mad at our brother, sister, neighbor, the junkie that try's to pee in your toilet but some how always misses and ends up asleep on the floor, the fantastical pony who won't stop nibbling on your hair during school hours.

Why does madness breakout... at all.
Does it have some hidden pressure valve, a boiling point at which it pours over out of your soul and in to your body, Or is it that the madness gets so heavy that it eventually breaks a whole in your soul from witch to escape like a rock in a wet paper bag, or is the answer so much simpler.

Is it that it was never contained in the first place.

It was already out and nobody noticed because were all already mad and it only gets noticed when the madness leaves us, because we all need a little madness in order to deal with life, our jobs, our friends, our back stabbing boss who has a megalomaniacal laugh that could kill the robin outside the window.

What we label as madness could be something different.

People who are completely lost to the world, out of it, bonkers, sent to the looney farm, could very well be the sanest people in the world.


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I think that there can be

I think that there can be intelligence and enlightenment in madness. Sane, normal people can be just as crazy as those in a padded cell.

Madness, sanity. The difference is not as huge as you might think.

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I believe that sparks of pure energy miles long can spontaneously zap out of the sky and kill people.

In the words of Emily Dickinson:

Much Madness is Divinest Sense
To a Discerning Eye,
Much Sense, the starkest Madness -
'Tis the Majority
In this, as All, Prevail -
Assent, and you are sane,
Demur, you're straightway Dangerous
And handled with a Chain.

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That is...

Very true and in the wrong hands...
A bit more confusing then my essay.