Just Quickly

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I'll respond to PMs later today, but I just have a question for all of you...

I'm having a rough time. So I texted my therapist earlier but she didnt write back. I feel really shytty so I was thinking of calling but I'm getting all nervous and such.

Tips on how to get over it? Think I should call?

I cant decide at all.


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It depends...

If your therapist has provided you with a means of communicating in the event of an emergency, by all means... use it!

If not, be sure to ask for this authority at your next meeting.

I hope your current distress can be quickly dispelled!

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yeah, she gave me her cell

yeah, she gave me her cell number to text/call if i ever needed what she calls "coaching" no matter if its the weekend, during the week, or whatever.

and thanks :)

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If you need her that badly,

If you need her that badly, you should call her. That's why she gave you her number. To help you whenever you need it.

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Calling is scary, so no one

Calling is scary, so no one would blame you if you didn't do it. But if you think it will help and aren't too nervous, I agree with Elph and Radiosilence - this sort of thing is the reason you have the ability to call her.