Medicus et Dominus: Fabula Absurdis a Leaena, Alta, et Sinistra

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Canis est in via. Grumio coxit eum, cum Poppaea Clementem oscularet. Quintus, qui nunc in armario habitat, vinum in triclinio bibebat. Tum Salvius, qui fundum habuit, fecit Vesuvium ardescere. Multus sanguis fluxit, et alienagena polypo vultu exclamavit 'Insidiae sunt!' Dido, homo chameleon bubo amicaque Medici Beatuli, Clementem Poppaeamque servavit. Poppaea cum Modesto effugit, sed Clemens nubere Strythionem recusavit. Salvius, Dominus temporisque spatiique, iratissimus erat. Medicus Beatulus solus eum vertare potuit ne omnia techno Germanico cruciaret. Taberna prava curruum redivivorum Quinti clausa, Medicus Dominum farre dilapidavit donec mortuus est. Dido laetissima erat et effugit cum Vulcano pulchro. Haec vita in urbe magna est.

(Sad proof that despite of all the confusing crap going on and important whatnot coming up, I still goof off. Or perhaps not-so-sad proof that I can still have fun with Regi even when all the aforementioned confusing crap is going on and important whatnot is coming up.)


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could you translate this

could you translate this please? online translators aren't doing it for me :(

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First let me explain: Even translated into English, most of it makes sense only to a Latin student who has learned using the Cambridge course of books. Much of it makes sense only to students who have taken Latin at my school. Also, Regi (Alta) and Leaena are very much nerds, fans of Star Trek and especially of Doctor Who. I am a nerd but relatively unfamiliar with Doctor Who, so a great deal of the story doesn't even make sense to me. And... even if you happen to be a science-fiction nerd who took Latin at my school with the Cambridge course, it still doesn't make much sense. The translation:

The Doctor and the Master: A Silly Story by Leaena, Alta (Regi) and Sinistra (MacAvity)

A dog is in the street. Grumio cooked it, while Poppaea was kissing Clemens. Quintus, who now lives in the closet, was drinking wine in the dining-room. Then Salvius, who had a farm, caused Vesuvius to explode. Much blood flowed, and a squidfaced alien yelled 'It's a trap!' Dido, a human chameleon owl and friend of the Sainted Physician, rescued Clemens and Poppaea. Poppaea ran away with Modestus, but Clemens refused to marry Strythio. Salvius, the Master of time and space, was most angry. Only the Sainted Physician could prevent him from torturing the world with German techno. After he shut down Quintus's corrupt used-chariot business, the Physician pelted the Master with spelt until he died. Dido was most happy and ran away with an attractive Vulcan. That's life in the big city.

The best part is, we're actually going to put that as inconspicuously as possible on our school's banner for the California Junior Classical League convention.

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the best part is the best

the best part is the best part
i wonder how many people will actually notice it :3

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Here's what one online translator made of it:

Dog is upon road. Grumio coxit he , when Poppaea Compassionately oscularet. But come now , quae now upon cupboard to have frequently , wine upon triclinio bibebat. At that time Salvo , quae estate to have fecit Vesuvium ardescere. Much what blood fluxit , and alienagena polypo grimacing exclamavit 'Insidiae are! ' To separate homo chameleon bubo female friend To heal Blessed , Compassionately Poppaeamque being saved. Poppaea when Discreetly flee from , but Compassionately nubere Strythionem recusavit. Salvo , Master temporisque spatiique iratissimus was. Doctor Blessed alone he is revolving to have been that not omnia techno Germanico cruciaret. Booth crookedness curruum redivivorum But come now bolt , Doctor Master cattle fodder dilapidavit up to the time when dead is. To separate laetissima was and flee from when Fire god beautiful. This life in the city magna is.