My Oasis Family

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My Oasis Family sometimes feel more like a family than my "actual" family.

This is not everybody but I dont want any of you to feel're all really important to me, just some stand out in my mind now more than others.

My gender twin: Hilde/Charles
My baby rainbowsy: Flyby
My little sister (and the best one EVERRRRRR): Meldiseus
My cousin (and one of many best friends): MacAvity
My big brother: Riku
My cousin: Loreonpravus
Another brother: Swimmerguy
Another brother: Ferrets

Not in any specific order.
Will write more soon , including adding others


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Just a heads up, I think I'm

Just a heads up, I think I'm going to be deleting this within 24 hours or so. I feel like this was an obnoxious thing to do.

I've always hated these things that seem like popularity contests and here I am, doing the same in my own journal.

Sorry. I deeply regret posting this journal.

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it wasn't obnoxious.

it wasn't obnoxious. Thought-sharing is never obnoxious.

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LOL I'm the relative nobody likes I'm guessing? :P

This is cool with me.
Amazingly offensive <3

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I guess you're my much more social little sister

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its not that i dont like

its not that i dont like you. i just feel i dont know you/havent really communicated with you on here.
maybe its my fault. sorry.

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Shelby is the embarrasingly honest yet funny one.

I'm pretty sure I've got the only position impossible to find in a 'real' family...
'This is my twin, these are my cousins, this is my sister, these are my brothers, and this is my baby rainbowsy!'
(Thanks, though. I feel all honored and you are pretty familylike for me, too :) For the record, I consider you and MacAvity familylike for me and most of everybody else a good friend.)

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Aww. Thanks. Though this

Aww. Thanks. Though this sort of post makes me doubt whether I'm really as equally bestest as you

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Huh? I'm confused.

Are you doubting your bestest-ness or my bestest-ness?

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Doubting mine. Your

Doubting mine. Your bestestness is higher than mine

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I would argue that, but that debate never works

I don't think so, though. I have no way of knowing how bestest I am, but you're pretty damn bestest.


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How about we agree to be

How about we agree to be equally bestest?
;.). Cute new smiley, no?