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So, because of my high urges, I started doing this thing called The Butterfly has to do with people who are trying to stay away from cutting. Look online if you don't know what it is.

Anyway, I've been using pens but I wanted to switch over to Sharpie so it shows up better.

Is there truth or is it just legend that you die if you put permanent marker stuff on your skin??

Yours truly, a very inquisitive Eli.


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I've heard of that. I've

I've heard of that.

I've heard of getting sick from ink poisoning... But I've never actually known anyone that did... Also, I think if people could die from sharpie ink, I would've a long time ago. Haha. I know I drew on myself a lot as a kid, I'm sure that sharpies were involved at some point.

It might not be terribly good for you or your skin if you're using it to draw on yourself frequently, but I don't think you'd have serious side-effects. Maybe some itchiness or dryness, nausea at the absolute worst. But I think the worst of it would be just the smell while you're using the marker.

Anyway, good luck. I know I say this a lot but I really am proud of you for working so hard at this.

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Thanks, yeah. I figure its

Thanks, yeah.

I figure its probably better than actually following through with my self-harming urges, right?

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If you bathed in Sharpie

If you bathed in Sharpie ink, maybe. But just writing on your arm surely won't do you much harm. And you might get ink poisoning if you, like, pour ink onto an open wound, but who's gonna do something like that?

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Hehe, exactly. Thanks for

Hehe, exactly. Thanks for the added humor, too :)

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if you want to get ink

if you want to get ink poisoning, you have to eat it.

you'll be fine.

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[!] :) (Thats a smiley

[!] :) (Thats a smiley with a top hat).
Anyway, I loved this post. Favorite ever? Maybe , yeah :D.

<3 you're so great.

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>=(D> (that's a smiley with

>=(D> (that's a smiley with a goatee!!!)
hahaha I'm glad you liked! speaking of which, did I forget to PM you back at some point? hmmm *checks*

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I think

If you just write on your arm, you won't have a problem, because most of the skin cells you write on die and flake off in a matter of days, hence why marker comes off skin while it doesn't for, say, paper.
Thinking of sharpie somehow magically penetrating your skin, designed to keep things out, and getting somehow into your blood vessels seems a little thin to me. And I'm sure if you could come to any significant harm they'd put warning stickers all over the things anyway, at least in America, where we need warnings to inform us coffee is hot.

<(-_-)> and that's yoda, but it's not really a smiley, he goes more for the pensive look... :P

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