Nerdy-ness, ping pong balls, and a horrible father

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Dude, I really need to get out more on the weekends. I have absolutely no plans, aside from bowling. It'll be the last day of league tomorrow. Sad face. My team places second or first every year, but this year we didn't do so well. We placed fourth, I believe. But it's still fun. My mom and I bowl on the mother daughter league in the summer, so that'll be fun. Haha, I just realized how nerdy that sounded. Bowling on a team with your mom. I'm such a nerd.

My crush has gym with me. So not only do I get to stare at her in pre-calculus, but gym as well. Lucky me. She was playing ping pong with her friend, and she lost the ball a million times and I got it for her every time.
She actually smiled at me and said thank you! Sigh. I'm such a hopeless loser. I definitely won't go so far as to say that I'm in love with her, like I love Amber. I barely know the girl. But you never know. I'll just have to see what fate has in store for me.

My dad pisses me off a lot. He keeps taking my mom to court because of complicated financial things that I don't understand. Here's a question: How the hell can he afford all these attorney fees when he's thousands of dollars in debt? He bitches and complains about being broke, and yet he buys expensive things and pays his attorney to keep taking my poor mother to court. Why must he be such a dick to her? After having an affair for two years, beating her once when he was drunk off his ass, and walking out on his family on FATHER'S DAY, you'd think the guy would ease up a bit. But nope. My dad is ruthless. Sometimes I think I act like him. And that scares the hell out of me.

Pardon my ranting about my ridiculously self-centered father.