Newly formed language barrier is messing with my mind!!!!

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My head is sooooo freaking messed up right now.

For some reason when ever I hear some one mumble or say some thing I can't quite hear my mind translates it into Japenese and I can't even understand Japenese!!!

See I really want to learn and understand Japenese but I don't know where to go to learn it so I found this site that shows anime and and the show that i'm watching is in Japenese with english subtitles. So I watch the episode, read the subtitles, and form the Japenese words with my mouth so that I'll be more familier with the language when I do finally get lessons.

And now I keep flinching, when I hear people talking in what I think is another language, and I'm getting a bit paranoid becaus what if some how it keeps going till I think everyone is speaking Japenese.
What would it sound like if I met someone who actually spoke Japenese?


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It's Japan-ese

and if you want to familiarize yourself with Japanese before learning to speak it, GOD DAMN better start with Katakana and Hiragana. Stay away from anime, cause I will disown you if you become a weeaboo. Anyways... Hannah on here is the Japanese expert so if you have questions, I guess ask her :U

And sorry, I don't believe that your mind is "translating" it into Japanese or any language. If you're not thinking in English or your primary language, I'm guessing you're having issues with your brain that you severely need to see a doctor about.
Amazingly offensive <3

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Sorry it was a drama moment

I swear on all that is me and mine at the moment that I shall not become a weeaboo (I hate when people are like that).

I don't believe my mind is actually translateing stuff into japanese. Its more like my mind has become more familier with the japanese language and its turning the words that I can't really hear into something that sounds like Japanese.

I think I will try Katakana and/or Hiragana

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If you're looking for pronunciation and basic skills...

Hell, if you're even THINKING about learning Japanese, you HAVE to start there. It's the foundation of every word.

But it's really simple. I've barely looked at any and I can recognize a few symbols :P

It breaks words down into 1-3 english letter parts.
...For example...

Anyways, yes. Look it up.
Amazingly offensive <3

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Relying on animes to learn

Relying on animes to learn Japanese isn't necessarily a good idea, because the word order in the subtitles might be incorrect. You can pay a crapload of money to learn Japanese with that Rosetta Stone thingy I saw on TV. Maybe there are some websites that can help you learn the language...Just don't use Google translator. It's not too trustworthy.

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Well I wasn't really trying

Well I wasn't really trying to learn Japanese from anime.

I was really just trying to get accustomed to the sounds and pronunciation of the words.

Actually I've already found a good site but I've either been too lazy or busy to really check it out.