Obligatory Journal

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I really don't feel like Oasisizing now, but I'm not going to have a chance to tomorrow morning and I hate how inconsistantly I've been on lately. Here we go.
1. I'm back home late, having just returned from the play I quit. For some reason nobody told me the proceeds are going to PFLAG, but I fortunately realized this and brought all the loose change in the house as well as some money of mine to donate. :)
2. Today Other started talking to me about a mass killing of gays and lesbians in South America, and how 'it's horrible injustice and they shouldn't do that.' The disconcerting thing was that O was smiling during the ENTIRE EXPLANATION. Who SMILES while complaining about a mass killing? I was creeped out aand somewhat offended.
3. I really should go to sleep- I haven't felt well today and I need to get up earlyish tomorrow.

So bye... sorry I haven't pmed you back, Eli. I will tomorrow at some point :) or at least email.


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1. PFLAG?! YAY :D Was it a

Was it a queer-themed play or it just happened to be donating to PFLAG sort of randomly?!
2. Smiling during that sort of talk IS creepy and super weird.
3. Aww...what's wrong?! Make sure to have lots of chicken noodle soup, or if you're a vegetarian (dunno if you are), have tofu noodle soup.

And no problem. :). Whenever you get a chance is fine with me!