Oh Dear

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Okay, I'm sure you all remember watching the video of the girl talking about atheism that was posted recently. I left a comment...a rather offensive comment...and I didn't realize that it sounded really insensitive. So, I went back and read it, and it hit me that the comment I left was blatantly rude and uncaring. I mean, we're all entitled to our own opinions, but I should have realized that religion is a touchy topic and words should be handled delicately. So, I am deeply sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings or offended anyone. I will definitely watch what I say from now on. I apologize.

Well, my friend and I had an interesting conversation today. She was telling me how wrong and disgusting being gay is, which is a shame, because I respect her and I care about what she thinks of me. Looks like I won't be coming out to her any time soon.

I would mention more about the whole Amber situation, but I'm not in the mood to talk about her. I have an appointment with my therapist tonight, so it will all be let out then. And to think I use to be so strongly opposed to seeing a therapist. Though I will say that one of my friends thinks Amber's being this way because she feels the same way and is scared. Wouldn't that be wonderful? If Amber actually felt the same way I did about her? Oh, to dream...

I opened up to my other friend about this whole mess during history today. She's bi, so she understood. She comforted me, and shared my anger and confusion. Come to think of it, a lot of my friends have been really supportive. They console me, and I feel like they actually do care. I really need to appreciate them a lot more.


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I have not seen that video. I'm sure the person will accept the apology. But it's important to accept and be respectful of their views, no matter how much you may disagree with them.

If I were you and I had a friend who was homophobic, I would just say "I'M GAY!" just to see the reaction, of course that's just me.

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Yeah, I'm usually good about

Yeah, I'm usually good about watching what I say around people. I feel ridiculous.

And if I told her I'm gay, she'd probably never speak to me again.