Phew. What a RELIEF

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Just wanted to say for those of you who were wondering, funnyflyby is okay. I did hear from gaj recently (though not via Oasis) and it sounds like gaj wasn't getting internet wherever gaj was.

<3 so glad to hear about the baby rainbowsy <3


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that gaj is ok. :)

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Ehhh... thank you, Lonewolf! And Eli...

Did you seriously just say 'her'? Please tell me you didn't. PLEASE tell me you didn't just say 'her'.
But... uhhh... yeah, I'm here... sorry... for disappearing, I mean...

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<3 sorry, Flyby. I went in

sorry, Flyby. I went in and edited :P. Acck. that means its been too long since our last pm exchange.

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It really has...

Will you forgive me for being wounded, though? I guess I can't really blame you... and you're still just as awesome... but can I still be hurt? Please?

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Yes, that was an injury, I

Yes, that was an injury, I concur.
But thank're just as awesome, too!