Shin Splints and AP English projects= Undesirable

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I've missed writing things on Oasis. I just don't have much going on right now. Actually, I do but it's all schoolwork and not very interesting, since Evy got all weird again and said she couldn't see me anymore.
::Rant Alert::And she told me this over Facebook, I mean really?!
She lives 5 bloodly minutes across town and she complains that we never see eachother and then doesn't make any time to do that anyway. And besides, it's not like she needs to be with me 24/7 anyway, is it?
::End Rant::

Track practice started this week. I'd forgotten how much I hate vaulting in the rain, the tape on my pole gets super sticky and sticks my hand to it and then I have to use nail polish remover to get the gross tacky feeling off. Bleh. Also, I have my first-ever shin splint and it's really distracting to run with.

I have so many projects due soon it's crazy. I have 10 newspaper articles to reveiw and analyze for AP English and a project about transcedentalism to do. Really, I just need a Time Turner.

My GSA is confusing. We can't plan anything properly, like 5 people in it have dropped out of school, and I have to explain to the president that Westboro Baptist Church isn't a legitimate church and thus does not have "chapters" in my city. For such an enthusiatic girl she should do more research on current events, that way she has the information to actually do something with all that energy.