So, English teacher... right...

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As an English assignment we need to write short stories (around 7-15 pages) that take place in an assigned European country.
Today, and I'm not even sure how this came up, the teacher expressly told us we aren't allowed to include any homosexuality in the stories. Apparently it's people's 'personal lives' and should be kept out of school.

Wow. Just, seriously, wow. This is one of my favorite teachers, too.
I'm probably the only one who was actually thinking about writing about homosexulity, too. I've got Iceland, which has Johanna Sigurdottir as prime minister, making Iceland the first country to be ruled by an openly gay politician.

So Other, Clueless, and I are trying to convince Shneer to go to the Garment District with us. I neeeed more wigs! Plus it's just fun to mess around, see how Clueless looks as a blonde with glasses, etc.
Shneer refuses to go based on the grounds that if anybody we know saw Shneer in wacko clothes and a wig gaj's life would basically be over.
The thing is that it's reeeeeeally obvious Shneer reeeeeeally wants to go try it :)

I hate how obsessed I am with Bday still. This has lasted too long, I tell you. Truly.

I just found my dad out cold on the couch :D

All I've had to eat since school lunch is a couple pretzels and an apple. It's past midnight. I don't eat here! It worries me!

Yes, Glee made me cry. I'm ashamed to admit it.

There was totally something I really wanted to say here, butI forget what, so... uh, endjournal!


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No mention at all of homosexuality! :(

Absolutely Egregious!

To specifically exclude any mention of homosexuality is beyond the pale... particularly if this instruction had not been provoked by students' inquiries (which, of course, I do not know).

This teacher's behavior should be brought to the attention of the school's administration... and to news services if it proves to be as "black and white" as suggested.

But... bear in mind that such action is advised only if the teacher had not been provoked.

If students baited the teacher, the situation is probably best if it is just dropped...

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Too often does school

Too often does school suppress people's creativity. You can't censor creativity. What right does a teacher have to tell you what you can and can't write about? The whole point of English is to be expressive. Ugh. How frustrating.

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That's so frustrating. I

That's so frustrating. I have an iddea but I don't know that you should follow it, in case the consequences are bad. I almost wonder what would happen if you turned in the paper about homosexuality anyway. What would the teacher do? Pull you aside and talk about it?

Maybe its just me, but that almost doesn't seem too bad.

/then again, this is not something I would do. I agree how unfair that is. And that's an awesome fun fact about Iceland (I LOVE LOVE ABSOLUTELY LOVE fun facts and have never heard that one before!!)

Its so disappointing, especially since that happened in a class where you liked the teacher. It would be one thing if it was a teacher you didn't like, but a teacher you did hold in high esteem? Highly frustrating.

Wigs are fun. Is there a certain kind you're looking for? I have a rainbow clown (short curly haired) wig.

Blech :X. yucky. and that's not cool that they don't feed you there! grr. I would come rescue you if I could. meant non-creepily of course.

hugs to the baby rainbowsyyyy!

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That's ridiculous; creative

That's ridiculous; creative writing is meant to have aspects of the author in it. It's inherently personal.
Since this is one of your favorite teachers though, I assume that you are in good standing with him/her? Could you talk to them about the assignment? You have solid, logical reasons for including it in your story (not just flinging it in there to seem "interesting") and the teacher couldn't possibly forbid you from including it without seeming predjuced. Even teachers have to be mindful of how their personal opinions clash with what's right in a school setting.

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How do you assess creativity

How do you assess creativity with grades anyway?

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I don't really know...

And this teacher is seriously one I've always liked. So now I'm like :(
I do think a student brought it up originally, albeit unintentionally. I think somebody accidentally used the wrong gendered pronoun and said 'his boyfriend' or something like that, and the teacher started yelling, 'NO, THAT'S PEOPLE'S PERSONAL LIVES AND YOU CAN'T MENTION THAT IN YOUR STORY.'
Oh, so 'her boyfriend' is muuuch less of someone's 'personal life' than 'HIS boyfriend'?
I came really close to exploding... but I don't want to take this up with the teacher, as I am in 'high standing' in English... I really don't want to jeopardize that. I also won't deny I've noticed the English classroom door is the only one on the floor without a greatly-encouraged-by-the-GLSEN-person-who-works-in-the-office rainbow sign on it. That sentence got confused, so I'll start over. I admit I've noticed the English classroom doesn't have a gay pride/Safe Space sign like many others do. (Excluding the math room, as it did have one but it was mutlilated and hasn't yet been replaced.)
Anyway, I reaaaally need this teacher to think well of me. Plus this assignment is like 20% of our final English grade. So I'll settle for accidentally-on-purpose putting in some queer subtext right now.

Still no progress on Shneer's Garment District issue. Quote: 'Well, I can't. There are certain stereotypes of males that prevent me from going.'
I was like, 'Shneer, you do not conform to many male stereotypes anyway and you've never really cared all that much, plus it's easy to tell you reeeeally want to.'

You know what, I think I will mention Johanna Sigurdottir in my piece, and if the teacher complains about it, so be it, gaj is free to get in trouble with GLSEN-assistant-principal-person. Plus the story counts as a History grade for some unknown reason and as I've said before, my History teacher is very, very outspoken about gay rights... this will be interesting.

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What do the posters say? I

What do the posters say?

I hate when the cool people turn out to be homophobes. Makes them so uncool.

Personal lives?! Yeah, girl and guy is okay but not guy and guy?! That's rather insolate (is that the right word?).

I understand the thing with Shneer in the sense that even though he may want to go, its harder I think for guys to appear gay rather than girls (I think, right?).

Also, secret input of queer subject sounds awesome stuff. Wait, explain this GLSEN-assistant-principal-person thing....?
History teacher ? YAY. Have you come out to him/her?