To MacAvity, on Behalf of Flyby

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I was in contact with Flyby and gaj wanted me to say a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, MacAvity. So here, from Flyby is a very very very special Happy Birthday (since gaj cannot Oasisize due to the DSi not functioning...grrrr) to MacAvity. Gaj wants you to know that gaj knew it was your birthday (and remembered).

And oh, happy birthday from me, too.

(on behalf of Flyby, too)


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I was just thinking

I was just wondering where Flyby was :P
I thought I remembered you posting a journal or something about where gaj went, and I was going to look for it until I saw this.

No one escapes from life alive

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YAY (*^_^*)

Happy birthday MacAvity!!!

Arg!!! I can't think of any thing original to say, ok how about this.

Celebrate!!! the passing of years and mark each with an experience worth remembering.
Do not regret the passing of your youth, wear your years as a badge of honor gained in the battle field of life.

By the way how old are you?