Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

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Music brings life into the world. I think it's possible that Yahweh sung the world into existence, because when I listen to things such as the titular piece I can see entire worlds being built with every chord.

In the beginning, there is are streams of light battling dark clouds of red; with every move of the light, the darkness overpowers it, and all hope seems lost.... Mephistopheles rises from the darkness, laughing and reveling in his success.

The fugue comes in, and the world twists beneath Mephistopheles' bent mind. However, a pool of light wells up and streams of purity spread through the darkness. The forces of evil try to push it back, bringing in the most powerful, hulking demons; creatures of pure malice and hulking masses of burnt, tormented flesh attempt to push it back. But the light continues moving forward, stallions of fire rising from the rivers to battle the darkness. As the light spreads throughout the land, it pushes darkness away- but Mephistopheles, in a last burst of fury, lashes out at the light. He is burnt by the stallions, who punch holes through his body of hate and hope and beauty overwhelm him: he falls into the pool of light and dissolves into nothingness.

Light prevails!


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Amazing interpretation!

I'm glad your feeling better. :)

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I actually had a dream last night- I was playing Toccata and Fugue on an organ in my school. Go figure.