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So I talked to my therapist today at group and told her how I felt that I wanted to stay with her but she says that I can't.

I'm in a pretty bad mood right now to be honest.

Now I have to sit through two and a half hours of class. Can't wait. Sarcasm.

Well, I'll be back online later.


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Wait, so maybe I'm a little behind with what's going on (sorry), but why can't you stay with your therapist?

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So right now I'm in group

So right now I'm in group therapy and after I finish with the group, I'm still going to be seeing a therapist. And I was hoping that I could continue seeing the therapist I see now (who is one of the women that leads group) even after I'm done with group--just see her on an individual basis.

But she said the system's not set up like that :/

But she's so queer friendly and I feel like she's understood me and helped me more than any other therapist (I've had something like 7).

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Dude, that's so unfair. I

Dude, that's so unfair. I don't know if that's the best system to follow. Shouldn't they let you get comfortable with one therapist? Once you trust someone, they shouldn't make you just switch.

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Thanks! EXACTLY!! I

Thanks! EXACTLY!! I totally agree.
She gave me the name of a different therapist and told me to call this other therapist to see if this new one is still taking new patients. I should've called this afternoon but I don't want to switch therapists so I didn't call.

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Of all people, your

Of all people, your therapist should understand that you can't just randomly pair up patients and counselors; the two have to "click", if you know what I'm saying here. It's hard to open up to someone you're only lukewarm about.

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My therapist, K, said that

My therapist, K, said that once I meet a therapist, if I don't like the person K will help me find someone new. But still, it wont be K. I cant explain how much I want to stay with K. I feel more hopeful talking to I never would end my life. It sounds so cheesy but its true.

Thing is, if I tell her that, she'll think I'm trying to manipulate her, which I'm not. Its just the truth.

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Then tell her about the

Then tell her about the manipulation angle, too. Just come completely clean... but why can't you stay with her?