Trans* ID, Middle Name

centerfielder08's picture you all know, when identifying as trans* or agendered, I like to be called Eli. For a long time, I had picked out the first-middle name combo of Eli Micah (Micah being my middle name). But I'm not sure it really *fits* me.

So, suggestions would be AWESOME...please leave something!!!
Ideally the middle name would have 7 letters, but it doesnt have to if its a great name cause then the greatness will make up for the letter stuff.

One other idea I had:
Eli Jeremy.



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Here are three:

Aamir, Abia, or, Abdullah. Just some suggestions.

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Thanks, though I don't think

Thanks, though I don't think any of these fit me.

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jeremy is nice, i like it

jeremy is nice, i like it for you.

buthowever, let's narrow the spectrum a bit... got any ancestral origins (irish/german/jewish/etc)? dead great-uncles with cool names?

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:) thanks, at first i was

:) thanks, at first i was hesitant about the name jeremy but its growing on me.

Jewish/Eastern european
dunno of any great-uncle-cool-named-people.

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*plays on*



okay, this baby name search is giving me silly names.
this is why i got grumpy when people gave me names i didn't think of myself they all sounded dumb. give us a list?

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Eli Mitchell Eli Jeremy Eli

Eli Mitchell
Eli Jeremy
Eli Joshua
These are my favorites ( 3 above)

Eli Dustin
Eli Nathan
Eli Nathaniel
Eli Raphael (but that's not me at all) :P

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I like Eli Mitchell. It has

I like Eli Mitchell. It has a nice ring to it, and it's in your favorites. :)

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Eli Mitchell. It sounds so "designer"!