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Hey guys,

A little update... things have been pretty hectic lately, in a good and bad way. I recently got appointed the writer of a weekly article for our university magazine, so I have to churn out 1000 words before every Sunday. I've also got invited to be a judge at the advanced open for high school debating (which is good money I get paid $50 each time). Then on top of that has been law school... so much to read you won't believe. It's just case after case after case. Although it's really interesting pulling different cases and legislation apart. Criminal law has been the most interesting thus far; it's interesting the difference between criminal law and tort law, and how we can criminalise actions, omissions and even circumstances. It's also interesting how law defines 'voluntariness', 'duties' and 'causality'. Anyways, that's fit for another discussion, I'm just wanking on about nothing now.

And I'm auditioning for the German play tomorrow! I have no idea how I'm going to fit everything in. Then there's the drama with the boyfriend, assignments, obligatory and non-obligatory socialising, gyming and all that crap. I got my 3 month confirmatory test for my HIV test, negative, everything looks brighter now. I'm also making regular savings now... I want to have a deposit for a house when I finish law school. I wish I could be more active on here... I hope everyone's doing well.


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good to hear max!

man, 1k words a week? that'd be tough for me. haha. that's awesome though man, keep it up. good to hear from you!

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good 2 hear from u! ;)

good 2 hear from u!