Well, hello, everybody.

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Yeah, my DSi is busted. I haven't been able to Oasisize (I was just thinking- shouldn't that be Oasiate? Huh.) for aaaaages. I've only been able to contact Eli, who I'm pretty sure posted something, but I'm going to journal first, then look back and hit 'Track' on MacAvity, 'cause that seems to be the best way to summarize everything that's happened.
Side note: Hey, can somebody teach me how to use HTML tags?
So yeah.
A lot has happened, a lot that would (thatwouldbeinitalicsifIknewhow) have gone on Oasis.

- I was sick and just incredibly weak, last week I was out of school Wednesday to Friday and if there had been school on the weekend I would've been out then, too.

- I went to the doctor, and emotionalist-people (whatever they're called) aaaand it was a mild virus, made much worse by stress and depression.

Which leads to

- I am officially depressed now. Oh, how incredibly woooonderful.

- I am now looking for a therapist-person, which is what I've been wanting for a reeeally long time.

- This is seperate, but I'm really upset due to... wait for it... budget cuts in my town's schools. Apparently the sixth graders next year won't be able to pick between Latin, Spanish, and French as middle school language courses, and once they're in highschool French and Latin won't be options anymore. Everyone will be in Spanish. Those of us already enrolled in French or Latin get to continue, thank EVERYTHINGINTHEWORLD, but my brother is in fifth grade and was REALLY looking forward to Latin. So it seems I'm going to become a Latin-homeschooling-teacher. In addition, the town plans to cut my chorus teacher. WHICH. WOULD. SUCK. Chorus is my favorite hour and a half of the entire week, and the reason that I enjoy Tuesdays more than Saturdays. I say the town planned to. But it's the single largest budget-cut uproar I've ever seen. Everyone in Chorus is wearing the concert T-shirts we got every day, and some ridiculously wealthy parent offered 12,000 dollars to 'KEEP THAT TEACHER WITH HIS PROGRAMS IN THE SCHOOLS AT ALL COSTS'. My mom thought the guy was crazy, but if I had 12,000 dollars to spare I'd do the same thing. /endrant

- God, I missed you people a lot. And probably will continue to miss you.

Because my DSi is not yet fixed. I am home 'sick' from school ('sick' meaning 'emotionally unstable and not ready to interact with Clueless after we fought yesterday and I sat in the car for four hours crying about almost nothing'.)
Anyway, I am on the computer, because my mother shall not be returning here until 1:00 at the earliest. Luxury, I tell you.
So... I'm alive, I'm trying to steal my brother's DSi, and I found an opportunity to Oasisize/Oasiate.
How's life?


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(I'm at school so I'll help

(I'm at school so I'll help w/ html and I'll comment on the actual journal later...)

= bold text :HELLO!~
= italics : What?
= underline: Today sucked I mean it ROCKED!

Do you get it?
HTML isn't really all that hard to get the hang of... Here's a website to where you can learn basic html codes. It might help...

Okay. oasis is being stupid and ingoring my end tags... XD (click comment and see that the tags look like... XD )

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Okay, I don't get it. Sorry.


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Maybe this?

HTML clinic is pretty helpful in my opinion:


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hmm, whole page is bold/italic/underlined now...

There, fixed it.
Anyway, to get formatted text you put a letter in those little triangle bracket things: <>
Letter I is italics, B is bold, U is underline. Then you close the bracket and write whatever you want to write in italics or whatever. To end the formatting you put the same thing but with a slash / before the letter. (If I write the actual symbols, the site will interpret them as formatting and you won't be able to see them.)

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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I think I speak for everyone

I think I speak for everyone when I say we missed you!

Your area offered Latin, French, and Spanish? Lucky. My school only offers German and Spanish. The school budgets in Illinois are one of the lowest in the country. I hate this state sometimes.

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Lemme try!

Like this?

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This is wonderful!
Watch me experiment.
Hello, will this work?