What happened to TV?

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Soo...I just tried to watch an episode of Jersey Shore...Ummm...Does somebody want to explain to me why people watch that piece of tasteless garbage? The whole show is about partying, drinking, and fucking. Is that really how people want to live their lives? They all claim to be hardcore "guidos," but only 3 of them are truly Italian, which is ironic. You know what else is sad? There's this kid from Switzerland in my German class, and he says that Europeans watch Jersey Shore, and they think that's how all Americans act. Oh god, no wonder Europeans think we're stupid. That damn Snooki is making Americans look ridiculous and senseless. Jeez. Remember the good old days when TV was good?

Haha, my friend Katie and I are making genius plans. First, we're gonna go to the premiere of Breaking Dawn and yell insults at the screen and boo the whole time. That Kristen Stewart is horrible, in my opinion. The little preteen girls will get so pissed, they'll have us thrown out. Then, we're gonna get all our friends together, and all of us will go to Wal Mart. There, we shall play hide and seek until the manager throws us out for pissing off the customers. Could you imagine how fun that would be? Playing hide and seek in Wal Mart would be AMAZING. We're really gonna do it, too. I'm not sure when though.

Bleh. I gotta go to my dad's this weekend. He's an alcoholic. He picks me up drunk and one time he beat my mom once. I use to look up to that man. But there's no reason for me to admire him anymore. So I'll be spending my weekend at his house :(

But there is good news! When he and my mom divorced, my dad took my chocolate lab, Riley. So now I can only see Riley when I'm at my dad's. I get to see him this weekend! And I bowl on a league every Saturday morning. I look forward to it tomorrow. My average is about 150, which isn't bad, but it could be better. Bowling is probably the only sport that I'm good at. That and ping pong, if you count that as a sport.

Well, I didn't feel like writing anything serious in this entry. I don't want to bum myself out. Good day to you.


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Notwithstanding the philosophy rant of Louis Vuitton Bags....
I don't think there was ever an 'old days when TV was good.' I think there's always been some decent stuff and some really crappy stuff, and now there's just more of each. I've never watched Jersey Shore and never intend to, but I'm sure its awfulness is balanced somewhere by something that's actually good, so that the overall average goodness of television remains at its historical level of meh.

Have fun abusing the Twilight fans. I personally find Twilight more mediocre than hate-worthy, but the fanatics are so obsessed with it that it's quite reasonable to boo and insult.

That sucks about your dad, though... It makes me appreciate how great my parents are. I feel kind of guilty, sometimes, having such great parents when everybody else seems not to.

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i wrote a poem about jersey

i wrote a poem about jersey shore for my creative writing class once about how our society sucks. my favorite line in it was "this is what makes us better than the savages: we can watch drunken idiots fuck in primtetime."


Good luck with your weekend. It's a good thing Riley is there- hugging a puppy, in my opinion, makes everything better.