What to do, what to do

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To take my mind off of the first love of my life, I shall rave about this girl I'm crushing on in my pre-calc class. She has the most adorable laugh, and when I hear it, I want to laugh too, even if what she's laughing at isn't funny. It's the contagious kind of laugh, basically. Her smile is so childlike and innocent. Her face is chalk white, but when she giggles, she blushes ever so slightly. Her hair is a dark red, which is a rarity at my school. She's so petite, and her frame is fragile, as if hugging her too hard would cause her to break into little pieces. She's sweet to everyone she talks to, which is why a lot of people like her. But I've never seen her with a particular guy...hmm...I bet she's single....Unfortunately, she's a senior, which means after this year I probably won't see her. BUT I overheard her talking to her friend (not that I eavsedrop; I'm not a stalker) and she said that she plans on going to Columbia College in Chicago, which is exactly where I wanna go! Woo! Wouldn't it be awesome if fate brought us together in college, and I actually got the opportunity to speak to her? She's stunning. I still haven't worked up the nerve to say anything to her. She caught me staring at her AGAIN today in pre-calc. I'm not very subtle. I wonder if she thinks I'm a freak...

Have any of you guys ever heard the song "My Immortal" by Evanescence? Saddest song EVER. I cry every time I hear it. If you haven't heard it, look it up on Youtube. Amy Lee's voice is mesmerizing. Try your hardest not to bawl your eyes out.

I'm having a bit of a dilemma right now. I want to take journalism next year, and they only offer it 8th period. I'm also committed to German, and German IV might also be offered only in 8th period. I'm torn between my two passions: writing and german. Hopefully I won't have to choose, but what if I do? Frau Bakker would be heartbroken to see me skip a year of german. I would forget everything I learned in german if I did that. But I need to take journalism, because I need the writing experience to impress colleges. Bleh. Decisions, decisions.


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"My Immortal"... with the

"My Immortal"... with the mood I'm in right now I would not be doing myself any favours if I went and listened to that song right now. But it's a great song.

Choosing courses is... a tricky business. I didn't have to do course selection this year because I'm in grade 12 and graduating, but I remember there being a lot of hair-pulling and indecision. That's strange. At my school people just pick courses and THEN they build the timetable.

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I love Evanescence. My

I love Evanescence. My Immortal is a beautiful song. I have that cd and I used to listen to it all the time when I still had a car with a cd player.

I had this problem (sorta) when picking my course selections for next year. I was trying to pick between Architectural CAD(good for my future career) and PALS (something i've been wanting to do for years). My mom told me to just pick the one I wanted to do for fun. Something about only being in high school once or something like that, i'm not sure. err it was something like that... I know it's not the same thing, but my point is to take the one you'd have the most fun doing.. Now if you'll have equal fun doing both I suggest you flip a coin :)

"Love doesn't have eyes, it doesn't go by race or gender. Love goes by how the person makes you feel inside and sees the person for who they are on the inside." <3

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having a teacher pissed off vs compromising your future