Whoa Man...

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Well, I just witnessed a car accident. I was driving my sister to dance class when all the sudden the car in front of me stops. I had to slam on the brakes to keep from hitting it. Then I see this truck get side swiped and two other cars get smashed. Yikes. Luckily no one was hurt. I've seen two accidents in the past 2 months. And to think I'm getting my license soon....

I talked to Anna about her telling her friends that I have feelings for my best friend. She apologized and told me that she just kinda blurted it out without thinking. And the people she told don't really judge me or anything, which is cool. Anna talks a lot though. She gossips like a typical teenage girl, which I hate.

I entered a writing contest. It's a contest held by Columbia, which is the college I want to go to. I plan on going there and getting my Master's in creative writing, so I can become an author. I'll know if I won at the end of March. I'm so excited. The winner gets 200 dollars and their story published in Columbia's literary journal. The story I wrote is about a dream I had. A very strange dream...


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A lot of my stories come from dreams.

Though I have such off-the-walls nutjob dreams that unless I edit parts they don't make any sense at all XD
As for cars... I'm scared to death of them, especially the idea of driving one. Yet I get in them at least twice a day. Curse you, 21st century!

I haven't said hello to you yet, and I feel kind of badly about that...
So! Without further ado!

W! E! L! C! O! M! E!

(Those were awesome-cool symbols, in case they didn't show up right on your computer.)
And the rainbow confetti. There you go!


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License soon?

Please tell me it's not your driver's license... :(

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To elph

Yeah, I'm getting my driver's license soon. My 16th birthday is this April.

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...your sister's life was in the hands of an unlicensed driver?

A bit risky... no?

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No, it wasn't like that. I

No, it wasn't like that. I have my white slip. My mom was in the passenger's seat. I would never dream of driving without a license, especially with my little sister in the car. I should've made that clearer. My bad.

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To funnyflyby

Awwww, thank you for such a warm welcome :)