Why do I feel so peaceful right now?

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I need to do a lot of homework, eat, clean my room, and several other things I don't feel like doing. It's past midnight. Nothing particularly good happened today.
Yet I feel so nice right now :)
Just- relaxed. It's been such a long time since I was really relaxed. A very good feeling, indeed.
It probably has something to do with the fact that I'm 'on' bed wearing uber-fuzzy pajamas with my fuzzy blankets, fuzzy newish snuggie-like bathrobe-like thingy, and the recently discovered fuzzy Pillow Pet that I mentioned in 'A forum game!'.
Oh, and that I used a new weird shampoo that I found, and I now think it may be what Bday uses, because it has exactly the same scent as gaj. So there is Awesomeness-perfume filling my bubble of relaxation, too.
I'm really glad. My moods have been sorta wacko lately. It's good to know I'm able to genuinely smile.


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Nothing makes people happy

Nothing makes people happy quite like fuzzy things. And I've always wanted a Pillow Pet!! Those things look so awesome.

Nice to know you've been given a moment of relaxation and happiness, especially since your emotions have been all over the place. Huzzah!

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I still sleep with a stuffed bear and my baby blanket. :P
Some might say it's gay, but I think the straight peeps just don't want to admit their longing for blankies and stuffed animals.

Everyone loves them whether they admit it or not.

No one escapes from life alive

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That is so very true :)