Your own holiday?

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So, I had a question.
Recently, I decided to create my own holiday, which only I celebrate.
It is celebrated 365 days a year, except on leap years in which it is 366.
I call it RushFest.

That's because I loveloveLOVE the band rush, and so every day, at least once, I celebrate RushFest where I get my favorite Rush song, "The Trees" and I play it really loud and then pantomine to it, where on different parts I'm doing the vocals or the guitar or the drums, and if you really get into it it really pumps me up!!!
It's just something to get my spirits up, and it always leaves me smiling (coughcough-mostlyatmyownweirdness-coughcough).
So yeah, it's like my general pump up time, and it's called RushFest.

You're welcome to celebrate too, with whatever band you want.

And, as for the real point of this forum, if you could create your own holiday that everyone celebrated, what would it be?
A 2nd Valentine's day?
A 2nd national coming out day?
What's your holiday?

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National Japanesey day

Five days a year every year every one has to dress in traditional japanese clothes and eat traditional japanese food and anyone who doesn't speak only Japanese will locked in jail for like a trillion years.

This idea was inspired by the Manga Cook Book written by Yoko Ishihara and given birth by my love of all things Japanese.


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I love that holiday but,

i don't speak japanese D: !!

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Thats okay!! Neither do

Thats okay!!
Neither do I

Some people live in a world of black and white.
They never see the shades of gray.
And so they never get to see me.

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That sounds incredibly

That sounds incredibly weaboo-ish.
Amazingly offensive <3

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Since I moved 10 minutes away from the amphitheater recently, I figured I might see Rush if they came here, as they typically do, but they haven't announced a date here yet.

They coming near you?

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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I would have GIANT BANANA DAY...

i got that idea from Oswald (ya know, that cute blue octopus with his hotdog dog, Wenie) but i don't particularly like bananas so it could be GIANT FRUIT DAY and everyone would go around sharing and eating thier giant fruits. :D

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Yay giant fruit day!!

I don't really like bananas either.

But who wouldn't be in the mood for
giant juicy watermelons!!!


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yes yes! *nod nod*

that makes me want some right now! :3

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dog day

I would have Dog Day once every week. You must hug and play with your puppy at least 3x on that day, give them your undivided attention.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win." -M. Gandhi

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I call Decloseting Day!

It's in the middle of Spring Cleaning season, let's say, May 16th. And you have to pull a freakazoid out of the closet and sex them up.

Mmm. Happy holidays ;D
Amazingly offensive <3

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Damn, double post

Oh and for boys, you go for Freakaboiz.
Amazingly offensive <3