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"She is so beautiful she is unnatural; her beauty is an abnormality, a deformity, for none of her features exhibit any of those touching imperfections that reconcile us to the imperfection of the human condition. Her beauty is a symptom of her disorder, of her soullessness."

— The Lady of the House of Love, Angela Carter

how lovely


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You know, I find of wish

You know, I find of wish that this was like facebook where I could just click a button that said "Like". Because now I feel obligated to say something thoughtful and reflective about this. But I honestly don't like reflecting about poems.

So I guess this is the like button, just in its expanded and superfluous form.

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Note to Jeff:

Is it not too late to include something like this in the new iteration of Oasis... vague hints of a summer (2011?) premier?

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Yeah, but if there's a like

Yeah, but if there's a like button, wouldn't there have to be a dislike button as well? And wouldn't it kind of suck if someone hit "dislike'' on one of your journals?

That was a beautiful quote, by the way.

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i wouldn't mind people

i wouldn't mind people hitting dislike on a journal. honestly. people are allowed opinions other than positive.

what i don't like about the concept of a 'like' system is that it becomes all about how many you can get, being popular, ect. which is something that is (mostly) nonexistent on oasis (occasionally you get people who bitch about amounts of comments and it's sort of like.. get over it, but that hasn't happened for a while now) which is something that's quite rare for an online social networking community.

and tbh if oasis ever becomes about popularity, having loads of "friends", ect i will straight up leave. I mean, there's a few "cliques" right now and a very slight divide between new and old members but it's much better than it was a few months ago (i don't know if you were a member at that point or not but people were constantly bickering about that)

point is, this is Oasis, not facebook. and i would much prefer it stays that way.

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Agreed. If Oasis ever became

Agreed. If Oasis ever became anything like Facebook, I would leave in a heartbeat. Luckily, I wasn't a member yet when the bickering was going on. And I have noticed a divide between senior members and new members...

But I won't get into that.

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Really? The "like" system

Really? The "like" system gets used that way? The people that I'm friends with on Facebook just use the "like" system to like something. Then again, my entire school doesn't have any cliques. Well, there's a slight divide between regular and tech, but that doesn't really exist either. We just avoid people if they smell, which is what half of tech is (auto and farm). The other half no one cares about.

There was also that one time where I liked essentially everything on my friend's wall so she would have over 100+ notifications. That was just to be annoying mainly. I think I was mad at her because she stole my soup from our locker.

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Well... I see...

...that this is not quite as simple as I first thought!

I'm now beginning to rethink this: Main objection is that I really feel that don't like is not a good option for Oasis.