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ask me any question as a comment and i will answer honestly. absolutely anything. go.


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Who are you?

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That's quite a broad

That's quite a broad question, I will attempt to answer as objectively as I can. If you would like more precisions let me know.

My name is V______. I am seventeen years old and male. I am a media arts student and hope to study photography during university. I also work about 20-30 hours making smoothies per week.

Appearance-wise, I am of average height and weight, fairly slender. I have curly, light-brown hair and brown eyes. My complexion is imperfect, however make-up masks this. I always wear skinny pants, usually jeans - I usually pair this with dress shoes, boots, an over-sized t-shirt or a dress shirt buttoned up to the top - however, I try to be creative with what I wear. My clothing varies between high-end and low-end (mostly, thrifted).

Socially, I have many acquaintances and very few friends. I spend most of my free time with my significant other. I don't really like other people, and will rarely engage in conversation with people I don't find interesting unless absolutely necessary. Seeing as I don't have friends at school, most of my friends rarely see me sober, which I personally find is a mix of depressing and amusing.

Emotionally, I vary between feeling extremely happy and extremely depressed, or empty (for the record, my shrink has actually declared me depressive - I am not trying to seem all mysterious and tortured). I am extremely insecure - about my body, my lifestyle, ect.

My interests are photography, digital art, fashion and literature.

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Put this on your profile page!

And... PMs continue to be shunned :(