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i've been feeling better lately
i haven't smoked in a week-ish and i've been eating enough (though i haven't been eating as healthy as i would like) and sleeping enough, so... and i've been sober for 8 days (which sounds pathetic but is pretty good for me)

and school finishes soon, so that'll be one less thing to give me stress in my life
and i was having problems at work (we got robbed and it was partially my fault) but they found the culprit so it's all good

things are going well with the boyfriend

s000oooo, tell me one thing that's going well in your lives guys :D


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That's great.

I'm glad you're doing well for yourself.

As for myself, one thing that's going really well is my report card! My math class improved by some points, so I'm happy about it.


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I'm really proud of you :) <3

And I guess I'm pretty happy lately! That's going well!!
Amazingly offensive <3

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so proud to hear you're

so proud to hear you're taking care of yourself. *hug*