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So, my mom's new boyfriend is coming over Easter night, and he's staying until Tuesday. I don't know how I feel about this... I don't know this dude, and I don't know if I want to deal with having to be hospitable to some stranger during an extremely stressful week.

I still have my dad's laptop. We haven't had a chance to take mine to the repair shop yet. It's never open when we go there. :( I liked having my dad's laptop until I wanted to draw, installed my graphics tablet, and then realized I didn't have any of my programs I use. I didn't want to install a bunch of shit on his laptop, so I didn't go get them back...

So scared of next week. I know you guys are probably a little tired of hearing about this, but I've never been this scared in my life. It will either go excruciatingly slowly or way too fast. I can't lose FCG... I just want to get Friday over with already. I know it's gonna suck ass. I'm also still holding out hope it's actually May 5 like that guy from chemistry class said, but the principal himself mentioned April 29, so I guess I'm shit outta luck there.

I'm not ready to go to sleep. Funny noises outside. So I looked up stuff about the town where she's going since I don't really know about it. It's apparently a hell of a lot smaller than it sounds. I guess it's kind of cute. I guess. But it makes my stomach hurt a little when I think about it. On the bright side, it has a sushi place. Sushi is cute. But I don't think her college's website is very cute. One of their colors is sort of icky, and it made my internet slow.

I just read over a bunch of my old journals about FCG from back when I "hated" her. I used to talk about how disgusting and weird she was and how I'd never, ever, ever, EVER fall in love with her because I had standards and freakazoids like her were soooo gross. And now, in some gross, ironic twist of events, I have it worse for her than I've had it for any other girl, and I actually feel sick over the idea of her going away.

Also, I have lots of history homework I forgot about. Apparently, holidays mean nothing to Mrs. History Teacher! I'm sure if I use the "But it's a holiday!" excuse, she'll go, "BUT YOU'RE A NASTY ATHEIST WHORE!" Yes, I am an atheist, but my family is not and likes to include me in their activities, so I have a valid excuse! Or I could say, "But Mrs. History Teacher, I am having trouble functioning because my wonderful freakazoid is about to leave!" I'm sure that would gain me even less sympathy once I explained what a freakazoid was. I've already apparently destroyed America by being an atheist, so I'm sure I'd get a similar rant about destroying families by being super gay.

On a happier note, I rediscovered these AMAZING candies I used to eat all the time when I was little! There used to be a huge bin full of them in the grocery store with a little scoop, and you could scoop them out and take a bag home. I fucking loved those things. Then, they vanished from the universe for at least 10 or 11 years, and I was a sad, sad Super Duck. But I went to this cute little restaurant that is epically amazing, and I noticed that they added a little jar of free candy by the cash register. One guess what they put in the jar. I... I hid a couple in my pocket and stole one from my sister. AND I FOUND OUT WHERE THEY BOUGHT THEM.


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nice. Sucks that you have to live w/ a stranger for a few days, but its cool that you got some candy...are you gonna brreak out into song now? "I wannnt candy, IIIII want canddyyyyyy" lol

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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True! Although now I have

True! Although now I have too much candy to know what to do with. Hahaha.

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What is a freakazoid? O_O

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Hahaha... When I "hated"

Hahaha... When I "hated" FCG, I always referred to her as a freakazoid because she was so weird to me. It stuck. Now it refers to any girl who has all of the following qualities:

* Is a super-closeted lesbian or bisexual
* Has blonde hair
* Is kind of weird

Shelby (Dracofangxxx) has a freakazoid too that she calls T-rex.

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I was always wondering what that was. You were always referring to "Freakazoid" and I tried searching it on Urban Dictionary, and nothing come up.

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Freakakzoids are too cool

Freakakzoids are too cool for Urban Dictionary! They're an Oasis thing. :D They live in a section of Narnia called Closetland, and they hate to leave Closetland for any reason.

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I have a beach house in Closetland! I wanna leave, but I'm locked in D:

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Oh, yeah, they lock the city

Oh, yeah, they lock the city walls up reallllyyy good! They don't even like the idea of leaving Closetland. So once you're there, it's pretty hard to get out.

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I want out. D: Maybe I can tell my sister, and she'll be welcoming enough to get me out.

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Meeting your mom's

Meeting your mom's boyfriend? Awkward. I hate it cuz you gotta be all polite and smiley. And I'm not any of those things.

What does this mystical candy taste like? Does it have a name?

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Actually, today she's all

Actually, today she's all mad at him and keeps saying he's NOT her boyfriend. He can't come over today because his sister is home.

It's called Brach's Milk Maid Royals. It's like a little soft piece of caramel with delicious filling inside. It can have a bunch of different fillings, like chocolate, vanilla, maple, and raspberry. There are a few more, but those are the ones I like best.