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i know ways to cut you so you'll never heal, i am shy and self-destructive, and i will bring you down with me. sometimes words get stuck in my throat, butterflies in a net. pin me down with needles, turn me into specimen. don't touch it, drop that - it's dead, diagnosed. a ghost, smoke, carbon memories burning my lungs. we are waking ashes, leftovers of was was once alight. i have burned out.


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Your writing makes me

Your writing makes me envious.

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smoke more weed.

smoke more weed.

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Happy 4/20! :) You've

Happy 4/20! :) You've revived my faith in the holiday; my own 4/20 was a fail.

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haha! mine was a fail too,

haha! mine was a fail too, terrible weather.

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crushed dry leaves. Once!

Story over...