A little silly

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Yeah, a little silly :P
But maybe they've got the right idea? :P

What do you think?

Oh, *EDIT*: Also, today I saw an Aston Martin, which was super orgasmic. I had to change my pants immediately.


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And those buttons do display a rich rainbow of colors... but sadly, no rainbows?

So... (ref: *EDIT*) would you say that such events are becoming more frequent?

You do know what preemptive action should have been taken? I would have thought that by now this would have become a much-anticipated aspect of your regular daily routine :)

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"The greatest book known to mankind is 'The Bible'. It begins, 'With in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God'." - John 1:1

I'm sure they would think of it differently of "The greatest book known to mankind..." if they read from the actual beginning. And by that I mean the Old Testament. This person has obviously only read the New Testament "The Gospel".

Just pointing that out.