Assignment on Love

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Well, I got this assignment in English, we're about to read Romeo and Juliet, and these are the pre-reading questions.
They're all about love, and I'm like "woah, well what the cock do I know about love? I love my family, but this is totally different, I've been in 4 relationships that were 4 of the worst times in my life. Ew. Gross. I know nothing about relationship love, I've really never had a real relationship, I'm not married, and as far as I know love doesn't exist and people just like to pretend it does to play a prank on those who don't know any better."

Anyway, since it's interesting, I thought I'd share it. I'll give some of my answers underneath.
Damn, I was hoping to find an e-copy, I'll just have to type it out.

1. Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?
Well, actually I tend not to. What could you know about me at first sight? Well, a lot, a trained eye with an exquisite gaydar might see me instantly as a gay swimmer. But I think that getting to truly know everything about one person, enough to really love them, you can't catch that at a glance. I think that can only happen after at least months, probably at least a year or two before you can truly understand that person and love them. I think "love at first sight" is when you get a good start at first sight, and you just happen to find that you're complimentary later, but you can't know before you're in a relationship for a long time.

2. How would you define "true love"?
How the fuck should I know? When you know someone enough to know everything about them, and still love them and want to spend time with them? I'm just pulling this directly out of my asshole, I know nothing in reality.

3. What is the difference between love and infatuation?
I don't know, I really don't. I think that infatuation is more selfish, when you're with someone for you, because it makes you happy, but when you love someone it's because you want them to be happy and they want you to be happy.

4. Is it possible for teenagers to be truley in love? Why or why not?
Godamn, I said I didn't know. I'd say not until maybe 17 or 18, because we have not yet balanced our hormones out and matured everything, so everything might change by adulthood. And by the way, is that really how truly is spelled, truley? Or is it like theater and theatre?

5. How important to you is physical attractiveness in choosing a boyfriend or girlfriend? Why?
Ummmm, I would rather not make out with an ogre, but I think that anyone I ended up loving would become physically attractive to me, even if they weren't when I didn't. Because if you're with someone because they're attractive at first, then that's for you, selfishly, and therefore wouldn't be love, right?

6. What other qualities do you look for in a girlfriend or boyfriend?
Well, a Y chromosome is a must, but what I value the most is a good sense of humor. The ability to see humor in life, even if something is shit, like you're coming home from a fancy party in an expensive, drycleaned suit, and then you completely fall in the mud and totally shit it up, to just laugh at how shitty it is, and maybe find someone to mud wrestle, I love that, and that's the quality I always aspire to.

7.Think about some love stories you have viewed on TV or on film. What are some common complications which arise in the relationships portrayed?
Well, I can't really identify with many TV relationships, I mean, I didn't even see any more of Ugly Betty than Youtube clips, so I can't identify with Justin and Austin even though they are close to my age, but I can identify with David and Keith in 6 Feet Under, great show, even though they're in like mid 30's. Many of their problems are about small pet peeves and compulsions that one of them has, and then gets mad at the other for not accomodating it, and the other gets mad because he doesn't think he has to accomodate it.

8. What are the most common objections parents have about their children's boyfriends or girlfriends?
That they're too young. It's usually because parents have forgotten what it's like to be a teenager, I think, relationships and boyfriends and girlfriends are a big part of growing up and one I don't think parents should deprive their kids of. But it's usually that they're too young or their afraid that their boyfriend/girlfriend will turn their otherwise angelic teenager into a fire breathing dragon.

9. Would you ever go on a blind date arranged by one of your parents? Why or why not?
Psh, of course not, because either they wouldn't know I was gay, in which it would be torture, or they would know I was gay, in which it would be torture in a different way, i.e. keeping my parents out of my love life, even if nonexistent, at least for the present.

Well, what do you guys think? I still have to actually do the assignment, but I'd be interested to see what you guys think.
I only hope that he doesn't actually like ask these in class, because if he asked what qualities I look for in a girlfriend/boyfriend, I don't think I could get myself to just out myself to everyone in the room, some of whom I REALLY don't know well, and some of whom are hot guys who might get freaked out.
I think I could do it without suspicion on the assignment, I mean, I imagine I could tell the teacher, he's awesome, but I'd rather not have a teacher that doesn't like me...
So, what do you queers and fags think?


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First off I want to say that saying "what the cock" made me "lol" in real life. Secondly...I actually believe love is real. It's just that nobody now adays gives it a chance. They're too busy perfecting everything else, or fighting, or other useless shit. The only reason I don' that I believe in love is that I've only had cover-up-relationships with girls, and I wasn't legit attracted to them. And I agree with your theory on True Love. That's it's something you can't catch at a glance. The only thing you can see in the first few seconds is looks, and if you fall in love mainly because of that, that's just shallow. =/

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A quick response...

Was this homework... or an in-class assignment?

As for your query (note that I didn't say queer query):

"And by the way, is that really how truly is spelled, truley? Or is it like theater and theatre?":

Yep... nope... nope. Of course, I'm sure you knew this... :)

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Your answer made me think and is now largely bothering me.

But thanks for that.
Amazingly offensive <3

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I had to do something

I had to do something similar for english. I think it's kinda unfair, asking teens what love is, because most of us don't really know at this age. We may think we do, and we may have an idea of it, but we don't. So I just think the whole topic of true love isn't the best thing to discuss in a high school english class.

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You have no idea how much

You have no idea how much this saved me. I lost the sheet with the questions AND ALL MY LONG ANSWERS ASLKDFJASDKLJ so I had to rewrite it, and since there's no e-copy and everyone already turned the questions in...

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We basically had this

We basically had this conversation in my AP Literature class, and well, I came out as the cynic. People started yelling at me when I said love was bullshit haha. But really, I don't think true love exists. Humans are meant to be fickle and adaptable organisms. No other species can live in all the biomes that we live in, nor have they been creative as us. So why would it make sense that we're somehow destined for one person? Besides, pre-Christian Kenya seemed to have a good enough time with polygamy, so why can't we love more than one person?

And in any case, we're sex crazed lunatics. The only reason we act without impulse is because of social mores. Love is just a civilized form of lust.

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I remember Romeo and Juliet

It's a good story, but never follow their love advice-they get married within 24 hours of meeting. ;)

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