been a lonng time...

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maybe I should update some shiz...whiles the roomates are not home.

hmm, where to begin? I guess I am kinda dating a guy, w/o the dating part. we have just been hanging out a lot- he's in recovery for drugs, which kinda sucks, but his family all seem to like me.

I quit drinking for him, so that's another good thing going on lately.

dad has been hella sick, in and out of the hospital...nearly died several times in the last two months. because of taking time out to be with him and the doctors @ the hospital, I have missed a ton of school adn work, dropping my GPA to a loooowwww point, and the school basically fucked me in the ass.

the other night, I had a really, really bad, suicidal feeling low. had been off my meds for a bit due to not being able to afford getting them, and I had been sitting there, loading and unloading my gun...long story short, gun malfunctioned in my room, round went off and hit my heater, and the bullet that had been pointed @ me moments before left a small indentation on the heater in the floor of my room. =/

on the plus side, hung out w/ some redneck friends the other night and went trap shooting for the first time in years...I did ok. 9/20 CLAYS...not bad. i did better than matt, who only got 1. haha

tired as hell of being broke as fuck, hate work as of late, hate being a fag still, i dunno what else...

oh yeah, roomates aren't paying the bills. one lied to me while i was outtta the country, told me the bills hadn't come when they had, and she never paid them...well, they fell out of her purse the other night, and we had a HUGE argument over responsibility, paying bills, etc....and it was only made worse by the fact that she got prego and had a ABORTION!!!

can you say drama? roomates not paying rent, dad nearly dies multiple times, and then I narrowly escape death? what the hell is going on?

oh, and my guitar was stolen, bike is busted, and I can't ride!!! ahhh!!!!


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I'm glad to hear about the

I'm glad to hear about the drinking, man.

I'm sorry but I'm glad it didnt work. I woulda missed you shitloads. I've been thinking about PMing you cause I havent seen you on here in forever.

Dude, PM me...we should talk again.


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sorry eli...

I have been hella tired and a bit out of stuff and life have been stressing me out.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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sorry to hear all that

sorry to hear all that man... but I'm happy to hear about the new developments with the new guy. something to look forward to!