Being the Liger

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So, tomorrow, barely any of my teachers are gonna be at school. It will be awesome. And now the history test is COMPLETELY CANCELLED! All we have to do is a take-home worksheet and a stupid essay now. No test.

I'm not doing the Day of Silence tomorrow. Sorry guys. I did it in 7th grade, was too intimidated by an ultra-conservative history teacher in 8th grade, and forgot in 9th grade. But now I honestly don't think I could shut up for an entire day, plus I'm now down to just a few days left with FCG and can't afford to completely not talk to her for a day.

Dude, I want to go shopping. I love summer clothes. Hahaha. There is so much shit in my closet that is like, 5 years old and doesn't even fit anymore. I cleaned it out a lot last year, but there is still a bunch of stuff in the back. IG says she's going shopping this weekend. Jealous. I don't have much money, though, so I guess it doesn't matter anyway!

Anyway, FCG started a long discussion about boobs today in class. Yes, really. FCG is sad because all of the women in her family have big boobs, but she doesn't. Except imagine this as a 10-minute conversation, complete with the teacher commenting that she hates having saggy boobs.

FCG was also being in the closet. British Girl is super short, even shorter than me (I'm only 5'3" and am shorter than almost everyone I know. British Girl is 5'1") and is going to prom with the tallest guy in her grade. The teacher thinks this is really weird for some reason.

Teacher: But shouldn't the really short girls like British Girl take a short guy and leave the tall guys for the tall girls?
FCG: But I don't even like... Uhhh, I mean...

You don't even like what, FCG? Boys? Hehehe! I don't even know why FCG responded other than the fact that she's really tall, like 5'9" or 5'10". The conversation wasn't even directed at her. Haha. Don't worry, FCG, I'm sure she didn't mean every tall girl has to have a boyfriend. It's TOTALLY okay for tall girls, particularly ones named FCG, to have really short girlfriends, particularly ones named Super Duck, instead. FCG just stopped mid-sentence and tried again like, 5 minutes later. It was pretty funny. She instead changed it to, "I don't want to date a SUPER tall guy." (Or even just a tall one, or an average one, or a short one...)

:( She said how she only has just a few days of school left now. This is, sadly, true, once you factor in the few days we get off of school and stuff and the fact that the seniors get out early anyway. I counted with both the original day I thought they were leaving (which some guys in chemistry class say is true) and with the day that she said they're leaving, and both numbers are below 15. I'm so scared I'll never see her again once she leaves. I know it doesn't have to be that way, especially now that I have her phone number, but I'm still scared... I REALLY like FCG. I still, after all these months, can't exactly place what it is about her, but that freakazoid has, for whatever reason, decided it was okay to pretty much steal my heart. And I just can't put it into words.


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I remember a time

When a certain Super Duck vehemently denied liking a certain freakazoid... :P
It seems way long ago now :)

Well, I know you'll figure it out, you have her number now, and her fb!

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I know! It seems way long

I know! It seems way long ago to me too now... Haha, I can't believe I used to think she was gross!

I hope I figure it out :(

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You should go back in time

You should go back in time and tell slightly-younger Super Duck to get a move on FCG early!

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I am interested to see how this would mess up the time continuum...

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It might destroy the

It might destroy the universe!

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Hahaha, the only way Younger

Hahaha, the only way Younger Me might even sort of listen is if I went back to, like, the first week I met FCG. I probably would've either cried or said, "EWWWW!" from about September 2009 until I actually realized I liked her.

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Haha, I already broke day of silence...

My alarm went off this morning and I immediately said "Aughhh, shit." XD
Amazingly offensive <3

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XD Nice.

XD Nice.

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Awww that's so sad. But hey,

Awww that's so sad. But hey, you've got her number now. You should definitely hang out with her once school's over. Just cuz she's leaving school doesn't mean you'll never have any contact with her whatsoever.

I like the part when you said she stole your heart. I said "Awww, that's so freaking adorable!" out loud and my mom gave me a funny look. Teehee.

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I know. :( I'm just scared

I know. :( I'm just scared because I remember how bad I was at keeping contact with the last girl I liked, who moved away at the end of 8th grade. And I don't want to lose FCG. There's really something special about her...

FCG did steal my heart! Hahaha. I never expected to end up liking her.