bitten heroes

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i am quite certain that my lungs have exploded over this weekend.


gotta have another.


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... say anything if you don't want help?

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just expressing my love over

just expressing my love over benson & hedges menthols. and weed. y'know.

though true? maybe i should stop posting on oasis because me whining is useless anyways because yeah?


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We would be VERY disappointed...

...were you to leave!

Don't! OK, message received?

But... you are extremely talented and creative... therefore, you must be aware of how insidious some (not all!) of your pleasures can be...

Destructive habits are not not always easily abandoned... but I'm confident that you can find the will.

btw... Long, leisurely walks (in the woods?), regular exercise, eating wholesomely... can help...

But... ultimately your mind must decide! Fingers crossed!

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i was kidding about leaving

i was kidding about leaving oasis
thanks though

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I'm guessing you're a smoker. Like me.

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off and on, yes. more on

off and on, yes.
more on than off, though, especially lately. i belong to my vices.