Books name, Help!

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I'm looking for the name of a lesbian book. I don't know the name or the story that well, but i will say the small info i know 'bout the book to see if someone cud help me. ok here i go.

The book is about this lesbian girl that falls inlove, and idk if she has problems with the girl she likes... that all i have and i remember that the book's cover was two hands holding i think it was two girls hands. The book doesnt show the girls only the hands... thats all.

I hope that helped on something & if you have an idea what the book is well i would thanx u for the info.

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That's not much to work with but maybe....

This could be "Empress of the World" i forgot the author but you could look it up online and tell me if thats it.

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I agree with inso_manic, it sounds like Empress of the World by Sara Ryan.

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