Bqrely alsive

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Thi sis probably the nast post i put up here. Its too much, it really is. I can't tell you how mard it is to even get myself to move, except to inject again and again. I can't live juke this anymore. I'm freeingmyself/ I wn't be overdosinf on drugs either. I'm going to die withut the things that shiuld be klling me.

i'm saying goodinght to uyo all nnw, and to stieg, andn to evetyone who eer spported me. I love you all.


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Okay. Stay with me here.

Okay. Stay with me here. What's going on?!

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Woah...judging by your

Woah...judging by your spelling...did you write this while you were high?
Don't leave us!

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I dohnn't bellieve shtsi busllshit

But I mean, there's no way to tell. Love you too, but, eugh... It's April Fool's day and I've seen lots of shit like this. Anybody can throw up some bad spelling and pretend to be dying or high.
Amazingly offensive <3

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My advice...


Get some rest... and meet with your friends!

Do this for me...

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I'll miss you,

may YHWH see you through what is going on.

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Still there?

I hope things are looking better...