Clueless has a soul!

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This is amazing. It also means I have to stop calling Clueless the Ginger Ninja.
After a whole... explosion of tears, synesthesia (Clueless too! Go figure.), a math teacher who has an inflated idea of eir own importance, a seriously lopsided cardboard castle, two emotionally unstable people, one person who was attempting to remain neutral and accidentally picked a side, and a lot of colorul duct tape yesterday, I decided to stop being friends with Clueless once and for all. I mean, Clueless actually blackmailed me, as well as being a bigger dramawhore than I am and being generally annoying, making slightly homophobic comments, and- I shall stop. You've all heard of Clueless' issues.
So yesterday I sent an email to Clueless explaining all this in detail.

And Clueless sent me back an email that changed my mind.

I promised not to tell people, and that includes Oasis. But we got into a 45-minute Gmail chat. And I've forgiven Clueless for every past sin.

This tells you it was important.

We discussed... everything.

I think we can be confident Clueless won't be as much of a douchebag as before.

It was insanity.

We let each other in.

The first person outside Oasis I ever really talked to. Who woulda thought it'd be gaj ?

(Lovin' the HTML tags.)

And Shneer is rapidly becoming more and more awesome too. Gaj emailed me something really nice and sweet and touching and tragic after my flagrant display of depression in the math room. I think... dare I say it? I think I can actually think of them as... friends!

Sheer insanity, I know.

Have I made you all thoroughly curious?

And yes, my DSi is officially fixed, WOOT.


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Yes, you have made us all thoroughly curious, but it's quite all right if there's some cone of secrecy you're not allowed to violate. As it is, I'll just have to take your word for it that this is all great news, and Yay!

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its beautiful how opening up

its beautiful how opening up can welcome others away from douchebaggery into the realm of awesome.

this makes me unspeakably happy. rock on.