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So I posted a journal about stereotypes, but I found something more important...
I was looking through Youtube and found this video (damnit I don't know how to imbed): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZm8D6FZgNM&safe_search=on

Anyway, watch it, it's amazing. But it made me really sad.
Cause it was about gay marriage, ya know, and generally on these things, when I look in the comments, there's almost unanimous support, and then stupid, useless philisophical debates with the bigots on the outside.
But maybe that's because most of the videos I watch are against gay. This one is for, so maybe the homophobes feel more of a need to look and comment.
But even though this was posted 2 and a half years ago, that's not really that long. I mean, everything goes at lightning speed now, but still, 2 and a half year is still not that much time.
Some comments I saw:
Olbermann is an idiot communist who just complains his whole show and keeps losing viewers because he makes up ****. Marriage is between one man and one woman, this country was founded as a Christian nation. Live with it

As as black person, it's really offensive when people use the plight of blacks in America to further their homosexual agenda. Being black is not the same as immoral perverted behavior.
I applaud those who supported prop 8 and made the statement that they will not respect and codify homosexual depravity into law. Marriage is a sacred vow and defined by God as one man and women becoming one flesh.
Homosexuals want to move from the dirty truck stops of America to a place of honour. NO WAY

You are about as lost as anyone could ever get concerning scripture. You don't have a clue as to what you're talking about.
Look, if your looking for justification for your debased lifestyle and filthy perversion, the Bible is the last place to look. God is the same yesterday today and forever. You may think you're advancing, but you're really headed downward

And so on for pages and pages, I could go on forever.
But it was especially this one that caught my attention:
And why do gays want so badly to be part of an institution they ultimately for which they have no reverence in the first place. The American people have spoken, just face it and move on.

And that's what I'm thinking about now. We can't just face it and move on, I've always known that gay marriage being illegal is an injustice, but it was Keith Olbermann that made me realize maybe how much. Just because I'm not that rabid about it, doesn't mean that it isn't destroying people, and not just the laws, but the people who make them, and especially the people who made these comments.
We can't allow them ground to say that we are inferior.
Or, this is what really steams me, I know that some people are stupid, some people do terrible things, but I do accept that most people have good intentions. Even someone like a suicide bomber is tragically mislead and with terrible morals, but they truly believe that what they are doing is really the right thing, and the thing that will cause the most good for the world, and their God.
But to trash on the intentions of people, their reasons, like Newt Gingrich did for the mosque by Ground Zero, really pisses me off. Most people aren't trying to do the wrong thing, some definitely are, but most are trying to do good things.
And that people are trashing on the morals of LGBT people, and recently, and seemingly in a majority in this video, saying that we are evil people trying to do evil things and destroy society, that that's what we're attempting to do, shows me that we have a lot more intolerance and ignorance than I thought, considering I live in a liberal part of a liberal state.

Now, because it's late at night, I don't know what I'm doing.
But I'm rethinking now what I said earlier, that weed legalization is more important than gay marriage as of now.
I'm not sure that it is anymore.
I'm not sure that it isn't, certainly, we have no money and are putting nonviolent people in prison, but still.
So, I'm just rethinking about that, this video just struck a chord with me.



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well the thing is...

it is difficult to get mad at the singular persons for being taught that, but at the same time you have to becuase the made the decision to post comment that they surley realize were jakerish.

i think that also you cant really trust youtube to give a proper indicator of people. i mean how many of these people would really say that to a gay persons face? they simpley hide behind their keyboards.

tho i do try to avoid relating the race-lgbt civil rights movments. i think we need to constuct our own campighn for equality, not use other peoples as a springboard

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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Olbermann... So Right!

Tears were flowing at the end. This was a most powerful statement from Keith Olbermann... in support of being human!

Ideologues need someone or some thing to hate.

They (quite ignorantly) "know" that they are "right" because they have been indoctrinated into the belief that their specific ideology is factual, immutable, and unassailable!

Consequently, their hate can be dispensed with seeming total impunity (e.g.: Westboro Baptist).

Ideologues feel obliged (actually, a need) to oppose something! This permits their rationalizing their infallibility!

How sad that so much of humanity dispenses so much hate... finding refuge in a (logically) indefensible and, presumably, unassailable ideology...

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everytime I read your posts

everytime I read your posts Keith I hear this dramatic theatrical voice...

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I'm truly trying to...

...sound less like... well, like I do. :)

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Umm. Wow. Everything he said

Umm. Wow. Everything he said was just. Wow. That was really beautiful.

I don't really have much else to say right now. But yeah...

I never read the comments on those things because it just makes me upset. I honestly can't understand how somebody could hate love. :[

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Homosexuals want to move

Homosexuals want to move from the dirty truck stops of America to a place of honour.
Did anyone notice the fact that this is the British spelling? Why is a Brit watching Olbermann...? Are American politics really that exciting? Or is this guy just acting like a pompous douche bag? In any case, any OS bought in the United States uses the American spelling by default, and last I knew every web browser is built with a spell checker, except for maybe IE. Obviously he should probably acculturate before he judges American homosexuals.

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That first comment...

really bothers me. I mean, I'm actually Christian, and I don't need to be reminded every single fucking day that I'll "burn in hell" for following my heart and actually LOVING. -_-
But yeah, as weed legalization WOULD be nice (they ARE healthier than cigerettes, really. ^_^), I think the fight for our right to marry is more of a concern to me right now. :)

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By first comment, I mean the youtube comment he put in italics. Not the comment on this journal post.