Favorite words

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Well, I think something like this was like the first thing I posted here ever, or something like that.
But I figured I'd test the waters again, because I know my favorite word has changed.
I forget what I said before, but now I have 3 candidates.

1. Machiavellian, because it's hard and fun to say.
2. Unsavory, because it can be used in so many beautiful ways. "How do you like my dress? I find it, uhhh, unsavory"
3. Smang, because of obvious reasons, it's an amazing word, a combination of "smash" and "bang", and all three really mean "have sex with", but I was thinking of maybe adding in 2 more like "plow" and "fuck" which have the same definition. "I'm gonna SMANGPLUCK YOU".

What's your favorite word?

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And... you need a name for smang...

Linguists refer to such an expression (i.e., creating a new word by combining parts borrowed from others) as a portmanteau.

I suspect, however, that this one will not be added to your list of favorites :)

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A few "favorites"... later

This could become an interesting topic.

Not favorite words, but lists of near-synonomous words where I often feel an error in choice is frequently made (myself not excepted!).

Just a few:

complicated : complex (I feel there is a major distinction)

many : much

can not (≠ can't) : cannot (= can't) (problem exists only in composition)

awhile : a while (again, just in composition)

unexplainable : inexplicable (again, major distinction... at least for me)

farther : further (this can be quite fuzzy)

less : few(er)

The list is much longer... but at the risk of boring you, I desist (btw, that's a good one). :) ?

Oh yes... just one more interesting pair:

We frequently see signs posted saying that you'll be prosecuted if you violate this or that law. I cannot escape feeling how much more revealing it would be if the sign would state what they'd liked to have said: persecuted.

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Schlick- Female version of "jack" in reference to masturbation
Tribadism :P

Yeah there's more but at 6:30 AM I can't really think of any
Amazingly offensive <3

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Serendipity - may not exactly believe in it (however much I'd like to), but it's a fun word to say.

Spiffy/Dapper - my two favorite words to use to describe guys... Unfortunately, my entire school started to use 'spiffy' and for non-spiffy things...

Fastidious - looked it up in the dictionary, and loved it ever since

Platonic - All because of my British penpal...

There's probably more, but I can't think of them right now.

"When you can't walk you crawl, and when you can't do that you find someone to carry you" ~Firefly

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Mine are;

onomatopoeia, ethereal, fabulous, snow, sun, moon, star, redemption, lace, comfort, happiness, shy, love, confusion, chorale, smile, bear (yes that kind of bear).

Probably more words I like, but I feel those are enough for now.