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Shelby is right, in a bitchy, irritating and self-righteous way. I'm done trying to justify selfish actions. I'll live, and I'll try to help myself.


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You won't regret your decision. I swear.

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centerfielder08's picture glad. glad.

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Thank youuuuuu :D

It all gets uphill from here, if you let it :)
Amazingly offensive <3

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Wait wait wait...

I know there's the expression "it went downhill from there", but if downhill is bad, and uphill is good, wouldn't that imply you're saying it's going to get harder, because its harder to go uphill?
I dunno, maybe I'm just dum

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I was trying to say something supportive XD

Amazingly offensive <3

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And... You have my support as well!

I dearly hope that you follow through... with success and, hopefully, happiness!

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I wanted to end my life a couple of years back. There were several times I went to do it. I don't really know what stopped me to be honest. People kept saying to me, it will get better it really will. I didn't see how it could at all. I didn't believe them. But for some reason, I kept living. I held on for a bit longer. And I tell you sometime. I am so so so so so glad I listened to them. In the last two years my life has got so much better. No it's not perfect. Is anybody's? But I have so many good times. So many times that are so worth living for. Just that feeling of being alive. That is definately worth it. I am glad you had the strength to listen to everybody who told you to keep going for a bit longer.

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May YHWH see you in a new direction.